10 most exciting movies to be released in 2016

With the big start of year, we set our new goals and targets. If you a movie bug, then you list out movies you wish to make a list of most exciting upcoming movies; those movies which are going to create rounds in the coming year. Here is the list of those ten upcoming movies which may tickle your movie bone ( 2016 most exciting movies ):

  1. Batman Vs Superman: If you are a super hero movie fan then this is big jaw dropping gift for you. You can see both the super heroes in one flick. Batman Vs superman shows how both the super heroes go bang with each other. You will be able to see them head to head with all their powers induced in the fight.

  1. Captain America: Civil war: Another super hero movie is going to roll your eyes. This is for Captain America fans. This movie is an adherence to Avengers saga. Moreover, it is full power packer action movie.

  1. Warcraft: This one is basically for DOTA freaks. It is a fantasy adventure and action movie showing revenge and avenge in between mankind and Orcs.

  1. Dead Pool: Seems like this year is full of action packed movies. This movie has two cookies one is Super hero flick and second Ryan Reynolds. This is going to be an amazing movie with some twist at other Ryan Reynolds Movies.

  1. The gods of Egypt: This movie stars Gerard Butler and Nikolaj Coster Waldau. This is a continuation of 300 and its second part. The saga is about the Gods of the sky and a king who doesn’t seem to bow down in front of the Gods.

  1. Suicide Squad: This movie made heroes out of villains. With a superb star cast and amazing concept you are going to rock and roll with this antihero flick.

  1. The Jungle Book: This is for children, but I am sure even elders will enjoy it more than children. This is one of the fond memories of everyone’s childhood. With a Superb Director and Star Cast, this movie is definitely going to win many Oscars.

  1. Kung Fu panda 3: For Martial art lovers Kung Fu panda is again standing and it is even more exciting from its previous versions.

  1. Zoolander 2: A sequel of the previous Zoolander and more exciting and adventurous.

  1. Risen: This upcoming movie is all set to release in February, 2016. You will be super excited to see it.

So, this is the list of 2016 most exciting movies, action packed and super hero action movies. Which one is your pick?

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