Top 10 best paid jobs in India

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  1. Business Analytics

As the business is growing and the competition is rising, analysis is becoming the main focus of every organization. The quality of good analysts includes being well versed in mathematical concepts, open to new learning, and knowledgeable. There are lots of opportunities in this field.

Average Salary for Business Analytics Jobs:

Entry level – INR 6, 00,000 – 8, 00,000, Mid-Career – INR 15,00,000, Experienced – INR 25,00,000

  1. Investment Banking

Raising capital, providing financial advice and doing everything related to money. The qualities of an investment banker include number dexterity, and good communicator. Average Salary for investment banking jobs:
Entry level – INR 12,00,000, Mid-Career – INR 30,00,000, Experienced – INR 50,00,000+

  1. Management Professionals

No organization can perform without management professionals. This role includes managing a set of tasks for the organization. Also one of the highest salary in india

Entry level – INR 3,00,000 Mid-Career- INR 25,00,000, Experienced- INR 80,00,000

  1. Chartered Accountancy Jobs

This is one of the most trending jobs in India. The person pursuing career in accountancy should be extraordinarily smart and have knowledge of business and accountancy. Average Salary for Chartered Accountants:
Entry level – INR 5,50,000, Mid-Career – INR 12,80,000, Experienced – INR 25,70,000

  1. Software Engineering Jobs

Since Indian companies are now moving to product development and professionals. Software jobs will remain the highest paid jobs in India no matter how it looks on the surface. Average Salary for Software Engineers
Entry level – INR 3,50,000, Mid-Career – INR 8,30,000, Experienced- INR 15,50,000

  1. Aviation Jobs

For the right candidate, aviation jobs in India can bring a bright future for them. Commercial pilot license could also be an option.

Average Salary for Aviation careers:
INR 20,00,000 (Commercial pilot), INR 18,00,000 (Helicopter pilot), 9,80,000 (Aircraft maintenance engineer)

  1. Careers in Legal Services

Corporate and judiciary comes with many rules and regulations which means there are many opportunities in legal services. Understanding law well and ability to find loopholes and evidences is the key to this job. Average Salary for Legal careers
INR 6,10,000 (Corporate lawyer), 9,50,000 (senior attorney)

  1. Oil & Natural Gas Sector

Careers in oil and natural gas sector makes a lot of money. The monopoly of the Indian government  over the profits gained from offshore drilling adds to the value. The professions in this includes geologists, marine engineers and so on. An expert in this sector could easily earn 15-20 Lacs per annum apart from all other benefits.

    9. Medical Professionals

If biology or pharmacy interests you then the careers in medical field can offer you steady growth and also in terms of money. Average Salary for Medical Careers:
INR 4,80,000 (General practice) INR 8,10,000 (General surgeon), INR 17,00,000 (Medical doctor)

  1. Marketing

In general, people view marketing as a low paying job but if you know the art of selling anything to everything, then you can have great opportunities in this field. Average Salary for Marketing Careers
Entry Level: 1,50,000 Mid Career: 5,00,000 Experienced: 10,00,000 and above.

Those were some of the Top 10 jobs paying highest salary in india.

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