Top 10 Influential Africans who are driving change in the continent

The world revolves around people who make an impact. The more influential a person is, the higher is the following. Be it social, economical or political, every aspect brings forward a few people who stand out of the crowd. On the world map, Africa is on the road to development and giving birth to influencers, who are changing the continent for good, one step at a time.


The list not only includes tycoons like Quantum Global Group Owner, Jean Claude Bastos De Morais, but also activists such, as Obiageli Ezekwesili. Let’s have a look.


   1. Aliko Dangote, Nigeria


The owner of Dangote Group, Aliko Dangote has interest in commodities in multiple Aftican countries. With an estimated net worth of $12.5 billion as of February 2017, he is the richest man in Africa according to the Forbes magazine. He is known for his hard work and undying spirit to take his country to new heights on the industrial forefront. With a career spanning three decades, he shows no signs of slowing down.

2. Andrew Alli, Nigeria


An investment banker and a management consultant by profession, Andrew Alli has travelled the world for work. However, his passion for the betterment of his home country drew him back to Africa. As the CEO of the Africa Finance Corporation, he is steadily working on making it one of the favorites for private sector-led infrastructure projects. Simultaneously, he is also working on under-sea fiber-optic cable project amongst many others.


 3. Jean Claude Bastos de Morais, Angola


A Swiss-Angolan entrepreneur, Mora is is the Group CEO and owner of Quantum Global. Angola being the focal point of his work, he is known for multiple investments throughout Africa. A widely respected man, he is a true visionary who is passionate about development and wealth creation. He helped in creating the country’s Soveriegn wealth fund apart from various other funds created by him. To speed up Africa’s development process, he also founded the African Innovation Foundation and the Africa Innovation Prize.


4. Obiageli Ezekwesili, Nigerian Woman Activist


With the “#BringOurGirlsBack” campaign, Obiageli Ezekwesili told the world that she was not going to stop at any cost. A seeker of justice, she is one of the founders of Transparency International. Working as one of the pioneer directors of this global organization in Berlin, it was her efforts that brought back 200 Nigerian girls abducted by Boko Haram.


5. Acha Leke, Cameroon


The Cameroon visionary has been a major influence in the growth of McKinsey in Africa. A young and dynamic personality, he is also the co-founder of African Leadership Academy and African Leadership Network. He aims to propel the course of development alongside young, dynamic and influential leaders from across the continent.


6. Gina Din-Kariuki, Kenya

Gina Din-Kariuki

In the last 13 years, Kariuki has taken her PR firm to new heights and has become the go-to person people who wants to do business in Kenya. She serves as goodwill ambassador for the Kenya Red Cross while playing an active philanthropic role in the country.


7. Zemedeneh Negatu, Ethiopia


This Ethiopian influencer is the founding and managing partner of Ernst & Young in Ethiopia. With an experience ranging from North and Latin America to Saudi Arabia, Zem, as he is popularly known, is often the company’s spokesperson during international shows. He is one of the select few who are consulted by senior government officials before decision making.


8. Solomon Wifa, Nigeria


Wifa is the head of O’Melveny’s London office and is known for his intelligent style of execution and deal-making prowess. His technical knowledge makes him one of the chief factors for driving Africa’s growth process. Apart from Africa, his advice is also sought after in India, Turkey, central and eastern Europe and China.

9. Elon Musk, South Africa


A name that resonate highly when it comes to influence, Elon Musk is the man behind Tesla. Hailing from South Africa, he is single handedly leading a multi-billion dollar company and also doing philanthropy work through the Musk Foundation.


10. Iqbal Survé, South Africa

Iqbal Survé

A doctor, freedom fighter and entrepreneur are the profiles that define Survé. He is the founder of Sekunjalo Group in South Africa and is one of the most influential players in South African Business circles. He is working towards creating opportunities for the working class in Africa.


Emerging from a not-so-glorious past, Africa is slowly and steadily keeping forward a positive outlook. With the help of influencers who aim to make the continent a force to be reckoned with, the process of development has started, and it will only grow bigger and better from here.

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