Top Ten hospitals for laparoscopic surgery in Chennai

Laparoscopic surgery is often considered as painful, that is the reason that many people are afraid to undergo the same to avoid that wrongly perceived painful journey. Laparoscopy surgery have nothing to do with pain in today’s time when there are number of technologies and fully equipped promising hospitals. The hospitals are well aware of its customer’s concern regarding a surgery like laparoscopic and they offer their full support with promise of full time care. That is why we bring you the list of top ten hospitals in Chennai, who all are renowned for their laparoscopic surgery.

10. KS Hospital


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It was establishes post-independence for the well-being of Indian natives. It is working with dedication since then so that they can contribute in the making of better India, which will be healthy and well-nourished as a whole.


9. Venkataeswara Hospital  


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This ISO certifies multispecialty hospital is working upon its “care and cure” policy since its establishment. They have services like laboratory, health checkups, dietary, ambulance, rehabilitation and ICU facilities

8. Sooriya Hospital


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They have a team of well qualified, highly committed professionals to head their specialty division, supported by a group of dedicated paramedical staff. It ranks high in one of the best hospitals of Chennai.

7. Milot Hospital


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With experienced and skilled staff Milot is giving its patients world class treatment and taking super special care. It functions very smoothly and efficiently without causing any trouble to its patients.



6. Vijaya Group of Hospitals

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It is working towards providing quality healthcare services at affordable price and they always infuse the honesty, self-scrutiny and fairness in everything they do.

5. S.I Rainy Multi Specialty Hospital 


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It is not only provides medical facilities to its patients but also provide training to medical students in their specialized and relevant fields.

4. CSI Kalyani General Hospital


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It provides quality health services to its entire patients, be it poor or VIP, all are treated equally without any discrimination as they believe in subsidized medical care to all in need.

3. Lifeline Hospital


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This multi-specialty hospital is quite famous for its miraculous surgeries every now and then. It is a host to various high tech medical and allied equipments and Google Glass is one of them.

2. Nobel Hospital


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Anger against incompetent medical care, inadequate medical facilities and incomplete surgeries gave birth to Nobel Hospital in 1989 which is now famous for its laparoscopic surgeries especially.

1. RG Stone Hospital

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With 8 branches established all over India, RG Stone is serving the nation on a very large scale since 1989 with state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies.


We preferred one over another on the basis of their service and quality, affordability for all income groups, success rate, experience of their doctors and the satisfaction rate of their customers. So don’t be afraid of a laparoscopy surgerywhile going through it or suggesting to anyone, as now you know, that you will be in the best hands.

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