10 Natural calamities that shook planet earth

Earth has been a witness to multiple natural disasters that have shook us to the core. There have been various instances where the landscape changed so much, making it impossible to identify. The damage done in some cases has been tremendous and made the number of deaths unclear. History has been a witness to these calamities.

Here is a list of 10 deadly natural disasters that have brought the maximum amount of damage to planet earth.

Aleppo Earthquake

Among the 10 deadly natural disasters Aleppo earthquake is the most sever. On October 11 in 1138, the largest city in Syria, Aleppo experienced an earthquake. Modern estimates tell the magnitude of the earthquake was 8.5. Approximately. 230,000 people died in the city. The reason for damage in this city was its location between the Arabian geological plate and the African plate.

Indian Ocean earthquake and Tsunami

A 9.3 magnitude earthquake under the sea off of the west coast of Sumatra birthed Tsunami. On Dec 26, 2004, the tsunami hit several countries in South and Southeast Asia, killing an estimated 225,000 to 230,210 people.

Haiyuan Earthquake

On Dec. 16, 1920. an 8.5 magnitude earthquake hit the Haiyuan County area of the Ningxia Province. According to the catalog of Damaging Earthquakes in the World, the impact of the earthquake killed 235,502 people. The catalog is maintained by the International Institute of Seismology and Earthquake Engineering in Japan.

Tangshan Earthquake

An industrial city, Tangshan was the epicenter of an earthquake of magnitude 8, on July 28 in the year 1976. A city with approximately one million inhabitants, reported a death toll of 655,000 people, which was later re-evaluated and stood at 242,000.

Antioch Earthquake

Dating back to 526 AD, and predicted to have happened between May 20 and May 29, the Antioch Earthquake took the lives of approximately 250,000 to 300,000 people. The second tragedy that struck was a massive fire that ruined most of the buildings that were spared from the earthquake.

India Cyclone

In what came to be known as India Cyclone in the year 1839, around 300,000 people lost their lives. The cyclone started a 40-foot wave that destroyed the village of Coringa in Andhra Pradesh. Also, around 20,000 people lost their lives by drowning in the sea.

Bhola Cyclone

On Nov 12, 1970, calamity struck East Pakistan, which is now Bangladesh, in the form of Bhola Cyclone. It is the deadliest cyclone ever recorded and took around 500,000 lives. Most of the villages drowned due to a surge in the water level.

Shaanxi Earthquake

The deadliest earthquake to have occurred on the planet, Shaanxi earthquake hit the Shaanxi province in China with a magnitude of 8. It took around 830,000 lives and affected the neighboring Shanxi province as well. The impact reduced the population of both the towns by about 60 per cent.

Yellow River Flood

The second most deadly natural disaster that shook the planet, the Yellow River Flood killed an estimated 900,000 to 2,000,000 people. The flood happened in September 1887 and devastated 11 large towns and hundreds of villages covering an area of 50,000 square miles.

Central China Floods

Recorded as the deadliest and the most brutal flood in human history, it continued from July 1931 to August 1931. The overflowing of Yangtze River caused a streak of floods which killed 3.7 million people, and affected another 51 million.

There have been various other mishaps that have brought colossal amounts of damage. The ones mentioned, have been the most devastating in terms of human deaths and the disruption caused.

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