Top Ten NGOs for poor children’s health and education in Delhi/NCR

Non-government organizations are those selfless establishments, which work for social causes without a second thought. Serving the society is their passion driven motto. There are a number of underprivileged children in the society, who can’t utilize their basic human right of education due to the lack of that facility and lack of knowledge of the same. That’swhy NGOs are ready to serve them. They not only help the children meet their basic rights, but also bring that joy in their lives which they deserve. We bring you the list of those endeavoring NGOs who are leading in the direction of righteousness, selflessness and social welfare for the betterment of the society we live in.

10. Adhaar:


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Established in the year 1993 with an objective for the development of human action and rehabilitation, which is supported by different fields of professionals.

9. Salaam Baalak Trust:


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It was founded in 1988 with the profits of movie called “Salaam Bombay!” which released in the same year depicting the lives of street children living a vulnerable life.

8. Childhood Enhancement through Training and Action:


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CHETNA is working for empowerment of street and working children of Delhi and adjoining states

7. Pahal:


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Pahal is working in areas facing problems like poverty, lack of basic facilities and unemployment by proving health, education and livelihood facilities.

6. ANK: 


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ANK is giving meaning to its name (digit) by working towards child education. Since 2004 it is encouraging under-privileged children to build better livelihood opportunities for them in near times.

5. Udayan care:


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Its name suits its work ethics perfectly, that is eternal sunrise. This ’94 established NGO is also working in 13 cities across 8 states working towards vulnerable condition of children and women.

4. Uday Foundation:


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Health with dignity is the prime motto of this volunteers based NGO. It was established in 2007 and working towards the improvement of children’s lives since then.

3. Relief India Trust:


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They have prepared a good number of educational materials for child labor turned students at different levels and texts for sidelined communities in our society.

2. CRY:


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This well renowned NGO focuses upon improving the status of MCD schools and condition of anganwadis because neither of them is working as they are supposed to.

1. Smile foundation India:


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It is a national level NGO working for more than 3 million children and their families every year with almost 160 welfare projects on livelihood and women empowerment but mainly focusing on child education and health.

Come forward to be a part of this beautiful cause and experience the peace of your spirit afterwards…

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