Top ten games to play in 2018

We are in 2018, and there is a huge collection of latest games coming through the ranks for all the game lovers in this year. There are different games with different genre like shooting games, action games and many more. We are excited to bring to you the list of Top 10 games in 2018:

  1. Biomutant:


    This action-RPG game mashes up wushu martial arts, Gun fu and plenty of anthropomorphic beats to take down. You will need to protect the mystical land. The ability to infuse your character alongside weapon crafting with mutations and robotic limbs assure you of one of the best gaming experience of 2018.

  1. MechWarrior 5:

    MechWarrior 5 This is a single player game in which you will take charge of a mercenary operation in the inner sphere. You will also take control of space and melt some robots in the first MechWarrior campaign in 15 years.

  1. Crackdown 3:Crackdown 3Take down a network of criminals and kingpins by leaping like a hulk across a futuristic neon metropolis. Skyscraper-smashing destruction through some cloud computing wizards is allowed by a competitive multiplayer mode. You will have to settle more restrained sense of action in the single player campaign. This is an exciting and top online game of 2018.
  1. Code vein:code vein

    The pigeonhole of Code vein is the ‘Anime Dark Souls’. With big swords, you fight with big demons. The game invites you to give into the bloodlust and risk becoming one of the lost.

  1. Extinction:

  2. extinctionThis game throws you into a world full of 150-foot tall ogres keen to destroy humanity. You will leap through the air to save the humanity as you are one of the last survivors. You have to be fast and smart to be successful before the environment is laid to waste.
  1. Red dead redemption 2:Red dead redemption 2One of the most requested sequels of all time is delivered by rockstar games. The players will take on the identity of outlaw Arthur Morgan and partner with the Van Der Linde gang to make their mark on the American frontier. Expect a wonderful experience with one of the best and top online games of 2018.
  1. Tempest 4000Tempest 4000You will play this game of Jeff minter as a spaceship called claw and must shoot down the villains coming at you. You will be rewarded with points and pretty explosions.
  1. Laser League: Laser League

    Claim the nodes in the futuristic sport and avoid the laser barriers for competitive play. You would love a multiplayer game as it is already making a buzz.

  1. Monster hunter: Monster hunter

    It has finally got the mainstream acclaim in the west that it deserves with the monster hunter. By opening its world and polishing the machines, the RPG series has made a big progress. Keep the central loop of hunting monsters to get better gear to then hunter bigger monsters more engaging than ever before.

  1. Death stranding: Death stranding

    Hideo Kojima and weird paramilitary nonsense are like peanut butter and jelly. The latest trailer is a bit horrifying with towering shadow monsters walking around and presence of a cheerful baby. It is tough to say how it will fare. The open world action game with interesting death mechanics might be able to create the buzz.

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