Top 10 dating tips men shouldn’t miss

We’d start by telling you to not be a jerk on your first date but that topic deserves its very own entry. So, it is date night and you’re nervous. Unless you’re dating a Gorgon, you have nothing to worry about. Follow these top 10 dating tips men should know and we’re sure you’ll have a reason to throw away your money every February 14. And cry yourself to sleep when things go south. Anyway, good luck!

10 dating tips men shouldn’t miss

First impression is the last impression

When you meet your date, remember, your first impression is the last impression. Avoid presenting yourself as the person that you are not. Remember ‘Rab ne Bana di Jodi’? Yeah, don’t do that. Not only will you have to keep up with your lies, but your potential relationship will have no future.

You date venue should be comfortable

Avoid booking pricey venues where you might feel bound by what you order and the way you express yourself naturally. How will you pay attention to your date if you keep thinking about how expensive the Chardonnay is? Most of the women do not care about the ‘expensive’ stuff you do for them. If they give money a lot of importance, then you know what they dig. As a corollary, avoid women who ask to meet at really expensive restaurants.

Confidence is the key

You might have a boring and not-so-glamorous job complemented by a lacklustre life, but an extra garnishing of confidence in the vie can work wonders. Women are attracted to confidence. Shyness is the sworn enemy of successful dates. If you lack confidence generally, pick up a subject that you are enthusiastic and confident about (unless it’s something really nerdy). Looks are secondary to your confidence. You have to be comfortable in your own skin.

Zip it when it’s time

If you’re doing all the talking on the date, chances are that your date is going to get bored. What you want to say should be short and to the point (just don’t be rude).

Don’t bore your date

Be proactive. Make sure you fill the uncomfortable pauses with interesting conversations. Just don’t tell them Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell during the pause. Women love humorous and clever men who can make them laugh. Avoid intense sarcasm though.

Don’t ‘ex’plain

Mention your ex once and the date will go downhill. Your date isn’t meeting you to talk about how your Ex loved Twinkies with mustard sauce and tuna mayonnaise. ‘Ex’ conversations raise the invisible awkward meter. If the subject does come up, keep the answers short without letting out the details.

Turn that damn phone off

Turn off that annoying phone. Period.

Be chivalrous

It’s the MRA’s propaganda that says you should pay for your own half and let the woman pay hers. Women often complain that chivalry is dead. Show them it’s not. Be a gentleman! If she still wants to pay the bill, tell them you’re going to get the bill on your next date (it’s a smooth tactic to get a next date actually).

Be honest

Be upfront about how you feel about the date. If you don’t want a second date, tell her. Don’t keep her in the dark with “I’ll call you”. As the Backstreet Boys would say, quit playing games with her heart.

Get help from your female friend 

Your female friend is a woman. Women understand women. Use that to your advantage and get her help to review your last date. She’ll give you a good outlook on what went good and what went wrong.

So here are 10 dating tips men shouldn’t miss. Did we miss something that got you in trouble? Sorry bud, but you can let us know in the comments so other blokes don’t repeat what you did! 



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