Top 10 Tips to Confidently Sit Through Entrance Exams

Students today spend ton of efforts, time, and money on coaching classes every year to crack various entrance exams. The ratio is escalating with a simultaneous increase of pressure on students to score exceptionally well. Vikas Gupta Wiley India  brings top ten tips that students can follow to confidently sit for an entrance exam and clear it without stressing.

1.Plan beforehand. Don’t procrastinate. All topics need equal attention. Therefore, plan beforehand and make time for everything equally as soon as you receive exam dates.


2.Think smartly. Not only should you think smartly but act smartly too, in this case, write smartly. During preparation if what you plan to write in a mock test is taking long, think it over and plan a different approach.

Think smartly

3.Use prep material. Vikas Gupta Wiley India  provides some of the best entrance test prep material. Study material ensures that students have access to ample of resource for practicing self study.

Use prep material

4.Study on the go. If you travel long distances to study at coaching centers, you can practice study on the go. Although, difficult to adapt but when on the move, you can resourcefully use up the travel time.

Study on the go

5.Morning schedule. Morning time is calm and peaceful to study. It helps you to concentrate better on the key points and easily remember them for a longer duration.

Morning schedule

6.Study your pattern. Understand your study pattern by solving questionnaires and analyze your speed, accuracy, and knowledge. Then work on them to brush up.

Study your pattern

7.Use model papers. Wiley India provides study material to prepare for entrance exams. You can use the books and use mock tests to judge and improve your skills in advance.

Use model papers

8.Positive approach. Think positively and understand what you are learning to ensure better score by avoiding mistakes due to second thoughts.

Positive approach

9.Clear doubts. It is best to clear any doubt before you sit for an exam. Doubts increase the chance of making mistakes due to nervousness even in topics that you are clear about.

Clear doubts

10.Assure revising. Revise what you learn but not moments before entering the exam hall. Make sure that your concepts are clear to write about them confidently.

Assure revising

With many years of experience in the publishing industry, Vikas Gupta Wiley India , has ensured the company comes up with entrance exam prep books to get into the practice of self study and improve your chances of scoring well. Mock tests provided in study materials help in self examination that is a foolproof method of keeping mistakes at bay and ensuring a desired set of score.

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