Top 10 African countries making it big in the innovation sector

Globalization is not just an aspect but a visible change in the development landscape. Talking about Africa, the innovation landscape has seen some absolute miracles. Many African countries have established economies that are proving to be catalysts in the development of the continent.

Sub Saharan Africa, which was off the grid till a few years back, has caught up with sincere investments made by visionaries like Jean Claude Bastos De Morais, the owner and group CEO of Quantum Global. It is these investments that are primarily driving the changes in Africa.

With the right human capital, which is well-educated and tech-savvy, these countries only need a head start to show the world their true potential. Jean Claude Bastos de Morais’ Fábrica de Sabão, a startup incubator created by Quantum Global in Angola, is one such platform, which is helping ambitious youth realize their dreams.


  • Competing in the race to create an everlasting impact

The following countries are bringing forward the much needed technological and innovative advancements in Africa.


1. Zimbabwe

Rising from the ashes of a slurry economic growth in 2013 – 2014, Zimbabwe showcases huge potential. With the available human capital, the country is progressing towards an improved tomorrow.

2. Angola

“To be passionate about Africa is to believe in Africa, understand Africa,” says Quantum Global Group owner, Jean Claude Bastos De Morais. Angola is one such country, which showcases enormous commitment, passion and belief. These virtues together have the potential to drive Angola to become a leading tech giant in the years to come.

3. Uganda

Ranked among the countries with advanced technological and innovation capabilities, Uganda promises great future developments.

4. Rwanda

Healing from the wounds of civil war, Rwanda is slowly and steadily engaging in technology and bringing forward an encompassing growth. The proposed 4G LTE broadband network is one such step in the evolution process.

5. Botswana:

One of the most stable economies in Africa, Botswana is racing fast in the innovation sector. The country is bringing in changes that are helping them emerge on the front of the technology radar.

6. Kenya

Numerous inventions from Keya have shown the world how technology can change a country for greater good. Also, a lot of startups taking shape in the country are a sign of technological breakthroughs that are just about to emerge.

7. Ghana

Boasting a population of 25 million, a lot of innovations have emanated from the country. Producing electricity using compressed gas is just one of many such examples.

8. Egypt

A country with some of the best universities in the continent, Egypt is a force to be reckoned with. The government has spearheaded its innovation process by providing the right resources to its students.

9. Nigeria

With a lot of innovations under their name, Nigeria is moving towards building an economy which offers perfect opportunities for growth and development to all.

10. South Africa

Linux Ubuntu, Multichoice (DSTV), PayPal, CAT Scan and SASOL technology are only a few of the many inventions that have birthed in South Africa. The country provides support to its human capital and is thus turning out to be a world leader.

The development in African countries is proof that the continent is certainly one of the emerging economies. With talented, hard working youth and visionaries like Jean Claude Bastos De Morais, Africa is certainly on the path to development.

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