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People usually don’t consider wine as harmful for health, which is even true, but only if taken in moderate amount. Whether you are a frequent consumer of alcohol or just a beginner, you must have been told by your friends to give a try to wine, be it white, rose or red. To convince you more, the team of Top Ten collaborated with Italian wine experts of Giordano Vini, which is renowned for serving the flavors of the ancient traditions. After doing a detailed research and going through global reports on wine drinking, we have jot down top ten benefits of the Godly beverage.

1. Prevents heart stroke

It’s the most common benefit of wine that everybody know about. And a 16 years’ study authenticate it too that people who have high blood pressure problems, but consume wine in moderate amount, are 30 percent less open to the risk of heart attacks as compared to nondrinkers of wine.

2. Prevents from type 2 diabetes

After doing an experiment on mice, Chinese scientists found that resveratrol, which is found in red wine and skin of grapes, improves the sensitivity of insulin, whose resistance contributes in increasing the risk of type 2 diabetes.

3.Fight against Cancer

Wine saves you from various cancers. Resveratrol also works as a shield for your liver and prevent it from catching cancer. Phenol compounds found in wine not only prevents you from breast cancer but control the growth of prostate cancer as well.

4. Minimizes the depression

Numerous university experts across Spain have proved in their research that 2-7 glasses of wine per week, prevents you from depression. Especially when you start getting your pension, moderate consumption of wine will keep your heart and mind happy & healthy.

5. Anti aging remedy

Apart from cranberries and nuts, red wine also have such properties which leave a long lasting effect on your physical and mental health and it subsequently contribute in maintaining your youthfulness and extending your age.

6. Boost omega-3 fatty acids

 Maintaining a standard level of your RBC and WBC is very important and level of your omega-3 fatty acids needs to be maintained for the same purpose, in which wine consumption helps.

7. Prevents blindness

Excess of blood vessel’s growth in eyes can cause blindness which can be avoided with red wine’s consumption. A report published in American Journal of Pathology by Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis’ experts supported this fact.

8. Strong bones and brain

Various reports highlighting the benefits of wine consumption also stated that the wine not only makes your bones stronger but also sharpen your mind. Consumption of alcohol boosts the level of estrogen in human body which slows down the old bones’ destruction.

9. Burns calories

Alcohol undoubtedly burns the extra calories by encouraging your body to do so. Wine drinkers who consume it on daily basis (5 to 7 glasses a week) have lower body mass as compared to occasional drinkers.

10. Prevents Alzheimer’s symptoms

A moderate wine consumption reduces the risk of showing symptoms like Dementia which encourages Alzheimer. Resveratrol keep the blood vessels flexible and open because of the reduced stickiness, which prevents Dementia from occurring.


Giordano Vini is an expert in producing and selling the wines and specialty foods across the globe. The Italian company was founded by Ferdinando Giordano whose principals helped the organization in bagging numerous awards since its inception a century and a decade back.


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