Top ten fashion magazines around the world

We normal people generally are so occupied with our work and family that we don’t have any free time for ourselves. Many people always wanted to be at par with the fashion models. They wish to dress up with latest trends induced in their style, but they don’t know that from where they can get all this. The best possible way to keep an eye on fashion trends are fashion magazines. These magazines allow you to peep in the fashion world and keep yourself updated with the latest fashion developments.

Here is the list of  Top ten fashion magazines around the world that will provide you with a sneak peek in fashion world

  1. Vogue: you will just love this fashion magazine as it is a complete package. In fact, it’s worth buying the expensive edition because it’s every edition is full new fashion trends and runway looks. You will everything about Vogue from its cover to layout, colors used to photographs.
  2. Glamour: If you wish to seek tips for high lifestyle, then glamour magazine is for you. In fact, now you can also check its online editions. Glamour magazine is full of articles about lifestyle and high living apart from you can get a lot of fashion tips too.
  3. Harper’s Bazaar: This fashion magazine is as attractive as its name. It covers a lot of issue news stories about woman’s that will help you to flourish and grow as an individual. Cover of Harper’s bazaar is like icing on the cake.
  4. Elle: This is the true fashion magazine in every sense. It contains everything from fashion trends to fashion tips. You can check out the looks of models and Celebrities and can trim yourself accordingly.
  5. Marie Claire: If you wish to glance some simple yet elegant looks that fits in your finances as well then Marie Claire is for you. It is full of simple fashion maneuvers that can be tried at home.
  6. Cosmopolitan: My personal favorite as it facilitates hot new looks in the upcoming season. So, you can prepare yourself well beforehand.
  7. In style: In style can really provide great help to would be wives as they cover bridal looks of the season. So, if you are getting married soon, than start flipping through in style fashion magazine pages.
  8. Mademoiselle: This is just like Vogue full of lifestyle articles and fashion tips. You can get great clothing ideas in this magazine that will enhance your personality.
  9. Self: Initially it was a wellness and health magazine but now it has started inculpating articles on lifestyle and fashion too. It is a good combination of beauty and health.
  10. Allure: This magazine is full of fashion and looks. It basically covers fashion and lifestyle articles are not a part of it. So, if you wish to check out some hot fashion tips and tricks, then Allure is for you.

There are many other Fashion magazines as well which can prove out very beneficial for you.

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