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Our health is our most expensive asset. An unhealthy body can be your liability in the future. Hence, it’s better to initiate taking baby steps towards your up-gradation in terms of health. Sometimes you feel lethargic and do not feel like exercising and eating healthy diet. Skipping exercise and diet once in a blue moon is not harmful, but avoiding it permanently will be pernicious. Here are ten tips that you could include in your daily routine to stay healthy and fit.

  1. Think well about yourself: Always believe in yourself. No matter what size, body structure you have. Just be happy about yourself and don’t let other opinions hamper you. Just walk on your path with full joy and achieve your targets. Avoid the atrocious habits and adopt a healthy lifestyle.
  1. Choose an apt role model: Many people hold the view that staying healthy means staying slim and lean. This is more prevalent in women; which is not true in any case. There is a thin line between healthy body and slim, lean body. If you have size zero and you are encompassed by deadly diseases then you are not healthy. Make good choice of your role models with healthy body. Barbie is the old fashioned slim and lean girl which can’t be anyone role model now.
  1. Study your body: Analyze your body and find out the foods which has negative impact on your body. There are many factors which led to over eating of food. Always eat small meals at regular intervals. Do not avoid food just to get a scale like body. Remember beauty lies in sound health.
  1. Make simple changes in your diet: Take small baby steps to improve your diet plan. Don’t make long schedules which are painful to follow. Instead, try to follow small and effective diet plan. Like take 30 minutes’ walk daily rather than one hour, but try to complete this target every day without skipping.
  1. Keep yourself hydrated: Drink about two litres of water daily. Always ensure to intake juicy fluids and water on the regular basis so that your body doesn’t get dehydrated. Water is much needed element for good functioning of our body. It is the basic necessity.
  1. Avoid drinking and smoking: The statement “Drinking and smoking are injurious to health” is very true. These are very unhealthy habits and can make you seriously ill. Avoid these negative elements as much as possible. Though occasional intake of these can be subsidized, but avoid making them a daily part of life.
  1. Don’t skip diets: It is possible to get good figures without skipping meals. Why to starve yourself? Include all the healthy elements in your diet and take small and regular meals. Avoid taking too much heavy and oily food as they are responsible for weight gain and you can get a healthy body.
  1. Give your body some time: Give your body some time so that it can adapt with your healthy changes. Once your body fits in the schedule then you will be able to notice the changes in your body. Don’t hassle yourself if things are taking time. You will get the output.
  1. Celebrate each day of your diet: If you are able to follow your healthy routine plan on a daily basis then your attempt is successful. Celebrate each day of your triumph on unhealthy habits. It will give you motivation to stick to your plan.
  1. Meditation and Yoga: Meditation and yoga will help you get both physical and mental health. Once you are at peace mentally then you can resort and take care of your physical health.

World Health day is round corner and let’s dedicate this day to our health.

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