10 resorts in Hyderabad to sort your weekend getaway plans

Almost every corporate professional, irrespective of their domain, suffers from the imbalance of ‘I need a vacation’ and ‘I don’t have enough vacations’. The rigid schedule and deadlines get to the best of us every now and then. However, if you are in Hyderabad, we’ve got you covered. Here is a list of 10 amazing resorts in and around the city that will gift you serenity amidst the daily hustle of city life:-

  1. Celebrity Holiday Retreat

Celebrity Holiday Retreat with 70 fully air-conditioned rooms in multiple varieties, this resort is one of its kind in Hyderabad. The Victorian age architecture and complementing landscape contributes to a scenic view of the travellers. Important features consist of:

  • Meditation Point
  • Orange Bowl
  • Cricket Ground
  • Go-Karting

It is located at Shamirpet in Ranga Reddy District. The easiest way to reach is to drive or Secunderabad railway station.

  1. Gandharva Resorts

Built by Janaharsha estates and constructions, this place is nothing short of spectacular. The resort is a tribute to the beauty of ancient India, which makes you feel the luxury and leisure from the same era. Attractions include:

  • Natural Caves (Bhetala Bilam)
  • Waterfall (Mantra Dhara),
  • Boating lake (Manasa),
  • Rock climbing (Vijaya)

All the attractions have been given an ancient name by Janaharsha Estates and constructions to amplify the aesthetic aura of the place.

  1. Papyrus Port Resorts

These resorts are famous for their Egyptian theme. With 26 rooms and Pyramid Restaurant, the hospitality service is coupled with mouth-watering food in order to provide an overall refreshing experience of lifestyle. Other amenities include:

  • The Cleopatra Spa
  • Aphrodite Bar
  • Great discount deals for functions
  • Preferred during festivities
  1. Leonia Holistic Resorts

Leonia picked up traction because of its unique Leo Juventa Spa where the staff uses relaxation techniques and therapies to rejuvenate an individual’s body. It is apparently so effective that people have often called this place a ‘holistic resort’. Other features include:

  • Diet care
  • Natural rocks and greenery
  • Over 50 activities to enjoy
  • Special couple suites
  1. Button Eyes Resorts

These resorts became famous due to their focus on greenery and home-like accommodation. Simple design and well-maintained lawns refresh the surroundings and help you to forget the worries of everyday life.

  • AC and Non-AC rooms
  • Swimming Pool
  • Proffered by families
  • Good for business meetings/parties
  1. Ragala Resorts

With their aesthetic cottages and privacy, this place is the ideal destination for couples who are looking to spend some quality time away from the noise of the city. The resorts have a special focus on cleanliness and hence, can be used for personal and professional gatherings.

  • Ragala Spa
  • Swimming Pool
  • Cricket Ground
  • Outdoor Dining (Optional)
  1. Pragati Resorts

The Ayurvedic style of Pragati has never failed to enchant its customers. Spread over 85 acres of greenery and facilities, this is a place for the people of every age. The resorts are famous for more than 650 varieties of medicinal plants and herbs along with almost 24 lakh aromatic plants.

  • Pushpa Ayurveda massages
  • Water Park
  • Clubhouse
  • Garden Restaurant
  1. Alankrita Resorts

One of the most acclaimed resorts in Hyderabad, it has won the 4th Star Resorts Award. Furthermore, the Hyderabad Horticulture Department has awarded their gardens as well.  The combination of Presidential Suite and barbeque restaurant has been appreciated by a majority of travellers. Alankrita also has a gaming arcade along with outdoor sports facilities to keep the kids busy.

  • Pub and annexe
  • Swimming Pool for children
  • Therapeutic massages
  • Nature’s Beauty
  1. Honey Berg Resorts

State-of-the-art facilities with activities for everyone, this place will redefine the meaning of rejuvenation for you. Perfect for family gatherings, this resort consists of multiple activities like commando net, wall climbing and volleyball to name a few.

  • Burma Bridge
  • Monkey crawling
  • Tug of War
  • Water zorbing
  1. Dream Valley Resorts

These multi-faceted resorts are perfect for family gathering as well as corporate parties. Surrounded by nature with top-notch amenities inside, this place is truly meant to give you the experience of a lifetime.

  • Bonfire
  • Swimming pool
  • Great food

Tell us in the comments below which one did you like the most. Happy weekend.

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