10 amazing facts about nature that will leave you flabbergasted

Nature is unique in its own way, we often come across many such instances which leave us in a state of shock. To most of us the habit of talking everything for granted is natural, but our planet is an amazing place. If you just go about your daily life not really thinking about the world around you, then you are missing on so much, you never expected.

To set an example in front of you, here is the list of 10 amazing facts about nature:

  1. Don’t you love sleeping like a king, well who doesn’t, what if I tell you that you are actually sharing your bed with someone, without you even noticing. You are probably going to slap me hard, but that is the truth. A bed contains up to 10 million dust mites and sleep with you every day.

dust mites

  1. Ever imagined walking without head, sounds scary right. Not so much to cockroach though, because this insect has an open circulatory system and a very low blood pressure as compared to human beings. So, when their head gets chopped off, the cut most likely clots leaving them free as they were.


  1. Imagine handling 32 brains, when you can’t even handle one. Leech has 32 brains, but unfortunately all focused on sucking blood out of your body.


  1. What if you were given a million dollars each time you walked backwards, you would have done it 1000 times a day. While the task seems pretty easy to you, kangaroos for that cause cannot walk backwards and would have lost the bet each time.


  1. The next fact on our list might sounds as a no brainer, because it says that elephants are the only animal that cannot jump. Besides, technically they are not the only animal that cannot jump, as neither Rhinos nor Hippos can. Elephants are the only ones however that cannot have all four feet of the ground at once whilst running.


  1. Nature is really complex, because the next fact states tasting with feet. Yes, it’s true, but only with butterflies. Besides, if it were true for humans, our shoes would have not only have looked good but tasted even better.


  1. What if I tell you that someone is having sex in your eyebrows. Yes, it sounds funny, but it’s true. There are a lot of little mites in your eyebrows having sex every now and then.

eyebrow mites

  1. Vanilla is one of the best flavour, when it comes to ice creams. Besides, what is making us talk about it, is its extraction. As a fact, the artificial flavour of vaniila is created from Beavers bums, and you fella enjoy its every bite.


  1. No matter how many times a day you bath, you will remain one dirty fella. As a fact, there are more bacteria on a human body, then there are cells.


  1. Last but not the least, the next fact is related to a fish who starts making her presence felt, even before it’s born. Yes, unborn sand tiger sharks eat each other embryos and show us the true sibling rivalry.

tiger sharks

Got a list of some unique happenings, let us know!


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