Top 10 animal shelters in India that are ushering in a change

Some organizations in India have taken up the issue of animal welfare very seriously. These organizations are doing everything to ensure the safety of all the animals around the rural and urban areas. There are some wonderful animal shelters in India that are ushering in a change and we have listed the top ten 10 animal shelters of India:

  1. PFA: People for animals organization is known for having a largest network around the country. With 26 hospitals, 165 units and 2.5 Lakh members, PFA works for the rescue and rehabilitation of the needy animals. It also checks animal abuse in movies. It not only provides shelters, but also provides ambulance services along with sterilization programs and treatment camps.
  1. Animal Aid Unlimited: Erika, Jim and Claire Abrams-Myers are the founders of Animal Aid unlimited organization in Udaipur, Rajasthan. After seeing the condition of animal in India, they started this animal welfare organization and have been living in India since then. After opening a hospital in 2003, they treated more than 50,000 animals by the end of 2015.
  1. Charlie’s animal rescue center, Bengaluru: It was started in 2013. The organization provides rehabilitation and medical aid to the abandoned animals. They also provide ambulance and inpatient facilities, apart from allowing adoption of dogs and cats.
  1. Blue cross of India, Chennai: It looks after the welfare of all kinds of animals. All the abandoned, abused, injured and disabled creatures are treated here. Since 1964, the organization has rescued and treated a number of animals.
  1. Friendicoes, New Delhi: Active since 35 years, the animal welfare organization was about to shut down last year when debts were mounting. Many individuals and groups raised money to save the organization. 115 people work at the 2 centers and almost Rs 3 crore was is spent on salaries of 115 people, food, rent and medicines.
  1. BSPCA, Mumbai: The organization prevents cruelty against animals and works 24 hours a day. It treats around 10,000 animals every year. It is home to different species of animals and birds.
  1. Debasree Roy Foundation, Kolkata: It encourages better relation between the animals and humans. DRF rescues injured or sick dogs and gives them new homes. It tries to help the stray animals and provide assistance to them.
  1. SGACC, New Delhi: It is the India’s oldest animal facility found in 1980. It is home to 3000 animals. It is equipped with special care units, OPD clinics, modern dental care and operation theatres. It provides food, shelter, medication and safety to all the animals.
  1. VSPCA, Andra Pradesh: It intends to protect sea turtles, cows and buffalos from illegal trade. It also provides a permanent sanctuary to a number of dogs, cats, monkeys, horses, etc. They try to protect the stray animals from regular abuse and injury.
  1. Posh Foundation, Uttar Pradesh: It is a shelter and treatment center located in Noida. Its vision is to work for a world in which humans and animals live in harmony. Their services include adoptions, sterilization, post-operative care and cruelty intervention.


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