10 Disturbingly Creepy Mysteries From India

India is vast in size, has a rich mythology and the cultural peculiarities make it a land of bizarre tales and legends. Some of the stories might seem clearly made-up but other can change your perception of the world.

10 Disturbingly Creepy Mysteries From India

1.The Village of Twins

Kodinhi is a distant village in Kerala and is known for abnormal amount of twins taking birth there. This village only has about 2000 families and yet there are 250-350 twins. Doctors are stumped and cannot give any explanation.

2.The Jodhpur Boom

On 18 December 2012, people of Jodhpur were startled by a deafening, sudden boom. It seemed like a aggressive explosion in the sky, but the authorities stated no airplanes were flying over the area and no explosion took place. Similar booms were heard in the U.K and U.S.A that month.

3.The Taj Mahal Conspiracy

According to P.N Oak, a professor in New Delhi, the story about Taj Mahal is anything but true. The most beautiful structure in India is believed to be created by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan for his wife. However, P.N Oak and many others suggest that this building existed 300 years before Shah Jahan’s reign and acted as a Hindu temple. It’s worth noting that rulers in India had a history of capturing their enemy’s temples and reconstruct them.

4.The Nine Unknown Men

As per the legend, it is a secret and powerful society created by Emperor Ashoka in 273 BC. The purpose of this society was to develop and preserve some sort of secret information. People believe members of this society knew secrets of anti-gravity, microbiology and time-travel.

5.The Cursed Village of Kuldhara

This village was home to over 1, 500 people for 500 years. Each of them disappeared one night. These people weren’t killed or abducted, they just abandoned the village, no one knows why. It’s said the villagers had also cursed the land so no one would settle there. Those who tried to live in Kuldhara later died horrible deaths.

6.Ladakh’s Magnetic Hill

There is a very strange hill in the region of Ladakh that is known for magnetism. If a car is parked on the road leading to top of the hill and left neutral, it will start moving up on its own at a speed of 20 km/h.

7.Aleya Ghost Lights

If you travel to the swamps of Bengal, you better be careful. Apart from other dangers, there’s a special brand of supernatural peril: mysterious lights. Modern science says it’s the gases coming out of rotting organic matter, while locals believe it’s souls of the dead fishermen.

8.The Bhootbilli

“Ghost cat” or the Bhootbilli is a mysterious creature present in the area of Pune. People describe it as cross between a dog, a cat and a mongoose. Whatever this creature might look like, it is definitely responsible for killing livestock.

9.The Kongka La Pass UFO Base

This area in Ladakh is one of the least accessible places on Earth. Located in the Himalayas, this area has caused conflicts between China and India. No army patrols here but both countries keep an eye on it. Residents living nearby tell that UFO sightings are common here and some believe joint secret operations are conducted by the armies of the two countries. Neither India, nor China gives any official explanation on this subject.

10. Shanti Devi

This girl was born in 1930s in a ordinary Delhi family. At the age of 4, Shanti began insisting that her father and mother were not her real parents. She said that her name was Ludgi and she lived in some other city (Mathura) with her family. Shanti gave specific information on her family life and husband, besides claiming that she (Ludgi) died giving birth to a child. All the information came out to be completely true. Shanti did meet her family and acted like a mother to the child of her “husband from previous life”. This is the only case of reincarnation that couldn’t be proved fabricated.

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