Top Ten tallest buildings in Hyderabad

India is breaking new records in every field. So why leave the real estate industry out of it? Be it largest water dam in Asia or boasting about world’s greatest wonder, India has been introducing number of great architecture from a long time. Thinking about the same, we worked upon few of those records of recent times which contribute in making India a developed nation. This time we have targeted the rice bowl of India and bring you the list of top ten tallest buildings in Hyderabad*

10. Kapil Tower

Kapil Tower

Kapil Group built 80 meter tall edifice in 2013 inculcating 19 floors in total. It is a commercial project unlike the coming projects in this list which are residential.

9. Manjeera Majestic 

Manjeera Majestic

Kukatpally has been graced with this 23 storied and 85 meter tall building since 2013. Majestic Group has built this residential project while keeping sustainable development in its mind.

8. Saket Sriyam 

Saket Sriyam

Foundation of this building was kept in 2012 and workers stopped working till they achieved their goal of building 303 feet, i.e. approx 92 meters. Located at A S Rao Nagar, this 25 storied building is crafted by Saket Group.

7. Lanco Hills

Lanco Hills real

This residential project by Lanco Infratech Limited inculcates Lanco Hills 3, 5, 6, 9, 11, 4, 10 and 8 with heights ranging between 98 and 108 meters. All these buildings were brought in inception back in year 2011.

6. Lanco Hills 2 & 17 (Lanco Hills)

Lanco Hills 2 & 17

Lanco Hills is a group of tallest buildings in the town after Lodha Bellezza. This height of 111 meters has 33 floors.

5. Lodha Bellezza 4 & 5 

Lodha Bellezza 4 & 5

34 floors of these 116 meter tall structures are gracing the whole Lodha Bellezza since 2012. Lodha Group is the foremost builders in town and other cities too which is acknowledged for its quality production being done on time.

4. Aliens Space Station 1

Aliens Space Station 1

30 floors in this 120 meter tall building were crafted with precision in 2012. Aliens Group is also working towards making more tall buildings in the town under the same name but with different phases and divisions.

3. Lanco Hills 7 (Lanco Hills)

Lanco Hills 7

It used to be the tallest building four years ago with height of 120 meters. 36 floors were big deal half a decade back. Lanco Infratech Limited is successfully running its operation functions in various cities across India.

2. Lodha Bellezza 2 & 3

. Lodha Bellezza 2 & 3

Lodha Bellezza 2 and 3 are 41 storied structures with height of 137 meters and gracing the city since 2013 and 2014 respectively. They are a part of Lodha Bellezza project, just like rest of them. Lodha Group established back in year 1980.

1. Lodha Bellezza 1

Lodha Bellezza Tower 1

It’s not a surprise to see Lodha Group topping the list of TopTen tallest buildings in Hyderabad. The height of Lodha Bellezza 1 is 459 feet which make it 140 meters considting 42 floors. It started functioning the year.

(*we have included constructed and under construction building s as well)

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