Top ten Indian restaurants famous for different reasons

Indian food is very popular all around the world. The Indian cuisine is known for large assortment of dishes and the use of different spices and herbs. There are number of Indian restaurants in different countries of the world. Similarly, there are many restaurants in India which are famous for diverse cooking styles. Here are top ten restaurants in India:

  1. Hotel Shadab, Hyderabad: Shadab  Hyderabad is the perfect restaurant to savour Hyderabadi traditional food. The authentic taste of local dishes like biryani, haleem, dampokhtak, etc can be found in here.
  2. Comesum Restaurants: Headed by Rajeev Mittal, Comesum restaurants are present in various cities of India. Known for serving hygienic and quality food, these restaurants provide value for money. There 350 items available round the clock. Some of its famous outlets include Comesum old Delhi, Comesum Bangalore, Comesum Mathura, Comesum Chandigarh, etc.
  3. Neel, Mumbai:The restaurant is helmed by Chef Mukhtar Qureshi. Itserves the proper combination of traditional and modern cuisines, inspired by Muslim Nawabi and western foods. Neel is a renowned restaurant that serves famous dishes like galauti kebabs, malabari chili kaya, makhana ki kheer and many more.
  1. Karim’s old Delhi: It is serving people from more than 100 years in the famous area of old Delhi near Jama Masjid. From kebabs to roasted baby goat, from nihari to biryani, the restaurant offers a number of non-veg dishes for all the foodies out there.
  1. Punjab Grill: Famous for its four kebab varieties and tandoori duck, Punjab Grill is a restaurant chain serving people in various cities across the country. A number of vegetarian dishes are also available, carrying the real Punjabi flavour.
  1. The Table, Mumbai: Led by Chef Alex Sanchez, who takes inspiration from San Francisco, the restaurant is often listed among the best restaurants in India. All fresh and seasonal dishes are offered by Table with a touch of foreign flavour.
  1. Indian Accent, New Delhi: The restaurant is known for its fusion fare. It turns to different cultures to develop the fusion fare. The kitchens of Indian Accent are headed by Manish Mehrotra. Some of the special dishes offered by the restaurant include blue cheeses naan, dal moradabadi, potato sphere chat, etc.
  1. Karavalli, Bangalore: Famous for its wide range of South Indian and non-veg dishes, the restaurant offers dishes like Kakori kebab, naharigosht, dosa, iddiyappam and much more. It is one of the top restaurants in Bangalore.
  1. The Bangala: Serving a number of accomplished Chettinad dishes, Bangala is known for using banana leaves instead of plates to offer a local experience to the visitors.Chicken pepper fry and potato croquettes are a must try here.
  1. Shree Thaker Bhojanalay: The restaurant is popular for its Gujarati thali. Complimented by various chutney’s and breads, the small dishes are served in series of bowls. It serves rotli, kadhi, shaak, chaas and much more, in the silent quarter of old Mumbai.

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