LGBT Community Sees Dilemma In Battling Against Discrimination

LGBT activism was actively ignited in the USA roughly around 1969 when the Stonewall riots pioneered by the transgender community brought together a fight against the police power that was targeting the gay clubs and other gay community spaces.

Stonewall Inn became iconic as an area for the LGBT groups in the United States, and it is widely recognized as pavement to more rights for the LGBT minority groups – this opted as one of the first major movements for the community. Sad to say, there are still countries wherein the LGBT people still face significant discrimination, and possible persecution, for their sexual orientation.

In one example, back in December of 2017, Australia was able to vote for marriage equality into effect. Still, there was a significant struggle between the deliberation over the years from the mere passing of specific laws that could have taken into effect for registry and the like.

While in turn to juxtapose Australia’s position, places such as Nigeria openly run to either imprison or stone someone found guilty of homosexuality. Other countries such as Russia don’t want to hardline the details, supposedly accepting sexuality, but post the stance of “LGBT propaganda” being a crime, leaving the definition itself blurred.

Gay groups still have a lot of struggles to cross. However, progress is required of them for their region. The restrictions towards the LGBT community does not seem focal to a singular aspect of culture.

Still among the countries that happen to criminalize LGBT groups or people, a notable portion of them occur to reach even up to death penalty as a fine towards a person. India and other such regions have gone back to reinstating an anti-homosexual law that prohibits gay sex among all things.

Most groups that find it difficult within their country attempt to seek asylum outside of their country of residence to see some form of sanctuary from abuse due to their orientation.

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