ECO-POWR To Achieve Sustainable Fitness And Limit Energy Consumption

With the world shifting to renewable energy and raising awareness to climate change, new and improved technologies are slowly peaking the limelight. We all witnessed the positive results of electric cars, and how it helps to cut down emissions that contribute to climate change.

Industries are passing more and more innovative designs that aim to save the earth, at the same time, does not compromise the way people live their lives. Recently, new sustainable equipment that focuses on making exercising more friendly to the environment was introduced to the public.

Dubbed as ECO-POWR, this new fitness equipment is the first of its kind – the world’s first ever energy producing treadmill. Just like other energy-saving devices, the ECO-POWR converts energy generated from exercising into electricity.

The ECO-POWR uses 74 percent of the energy produced to electricity, powering up to 2000 watts per hour. SportsArt, the company who designed ECO-POWR shared that the equipment aims to solve the demands for sustainable fitness and lessen consumption.

In the UK, sports facilities spend £700 million on energy each year. The number constitutes 10 million tonnes of carbon dioxide, a figure provided by the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers in England.

With the figures provided, gym consumption contributes to the increasing threats to our planet. Currently, ECO Gym in Brighton is the first to embark on the mission of making fitness sustainable to the public and the earth.

Regarding its relevance to consumers, a study revealed that millennials are opting for brands that are sustainable. Hence, the course of revolutionizing fitness into a viable option is attainable.

SportsArt and ECO Gym expects ECO-POWR to start appearing in gyms and sports facilities by 2019. Therefore, a massive cut down of energy consumption among gyms and sports facilities is apparent.

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