Haida HR Brings Top 10 Facts For Expats : Living and working in China

One of the most rapidly growing economies in the world, China attracts foreigners by its past and present – an ancient culture that is rapidly rising to take its place among the world’s greatest modern civilizations – a stature that is all the more intriguing given the way it is blazing its own path in terms of the social contract.

Don’t let an element of bad press in the West dissuade you. News often wallow in the alternative reality of political drama, while the realities on the street are something quite different. Haida HR China, a Hangzhou-based recruitment firm, brings you top 10 facts if you are looking for living and working in China. Take a look:

  • China is growing in popularity as an expat destination. The country also employs a large number of native English speakers, which include over 38,000 British expats and at least 70,000 Americans.
  • As the world’s third largest country, China has a varied climate. However, the entire country is fairly temperate. Temperatures drop in the north during winter and strong monsoon rains hit the south throughout the rainy season.
  • China does not recognize dual nationality. People holding dual nationality may be subject to Chinese laws that impose special obligations. Individuals with dual nationality travelling into China on a foreign passport often report difficulty in entering and departing. If you are looking for permanently settling down in the country and starting a family there, consult a Chinese Embassy or Consulate for details on requirements for children born in China. Entry or exit restrictions may apply if one parent is a PRC national.
  • China’s larger cities have activity parks and zoos. The Chinese love to visit these places on the weekends, though they might not be as popular with expatriates used to a more sophisticated entertainment in the West. The Chinese are also enthusiastic fans of sports like ping pong, gymnastics, soccer and basketball.
  • The official spoken language of China is Mandarin. However, there are over 50 regional dialects and languages widely spoken in China, which often completely unintelligible from one another. Also, a wide range of immigrant languages are also spoken in China, reflecting the ever-increasing number of immigrants and expats in the country.
  • China has underwent a property boom over the past decade. However, this is now slowing considerably as China starts to experience much more normal levels of economic growth and housing stock begins to outstretch demand.
  • China’s population is 1.3 billion, which makes up one-fifth of the world population.
  • China’s currency is the Yuan Renminbi, denoted as RMB.
  • Even though China is such a large country geographically, covering several time zones, all of China operates on a single Standard Time (GMT+8) all year round.
  • As the world’s most populous country, China has become a dominant economic force in recent years, second only to the USA in terms of GDP. Prominent economists predict that China will be the largest economy by 2018.

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