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TopTen works with professional journalists and bloggers to circulate today’s relevant issues and trends. This Author’s page is provided to ensure that all contributors are accountable to the contents they published on the website. Further, this page offers a sense of credibility and responsibility in making sure that people are capable of releasing informative pieces.


Aakash Bansal (4)
10 Natural calamities that shook planet earth

I've been in the online business for quite some time now. I'm a blogger, news contributor, and a journalism major. Aside from TopTen, I do live coverage of recent tech events and provide a great list of new trends.


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Ahmad Siddiqui (5)
Top ten tourist places in Delhi that are worth a visit

I am a generalist and freestyle writer from Lucknow working with Topten for over two years. I am a feature writer with years of experience in online publishing. Mostly, I am fond of technology, lifestyle, and all things trendy.


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Aarohi Gupta (12)
Top 10 books on India to read before your first India visit.

Hi, I'm Aarohi, a lifestyle journalist. I'm a journalism major and a social activist. Aside from TopTen, I contribute to other websites as a freelance feature writer and proofreader.


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Aryan Kashyap (12)
Nikki Hayley Addressed Recent Incidents In Syria – A Failing Government

I am a blogger cum editor of the site. For me, blogging is not just limited to writing for the readers, and it has to be provided with passion and relevance. I've been in the online business for over ten years, and TopTen is one of my major accomplishment.


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Karan Madan (32)
10 inspirational facts about Educomp Solutions founder Shantanu Prakash

Karan Madan is technical information, real estate, education journalist. He brings his experiences, ideas, and thoughts to the foray with critiques and articles on business deals and financial markets.


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Natasha Khandelwal (29)
ECO-POWR To Achieve Sustainable Fitness And Limit Energy Consumption

I am an interior designer and love to write about the latest trends. I have over five years of experience as a lifestyle blogger. Find every recent and trending updates from fashion, entertainment and much more with me here in TopTen.


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Pritpal Singh (13)
LGBT Community Sees Dilemma In Battling Against Discrimination

I have become a part of this website in the year 2016. I am writing for Industries like real estate, education, IT, etc. I have a degree in professional journalism and have contributed to many news and publishing companies.


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Shreya Mahajan (6)
Toxic Working Environment Causes Unhappiness And Reduced Productivity Among Employees

With her sheer expertise, she nails it every time by expressing what the readers want to read. She has over five years of experience as an independent blogger, and have recently received her journalism degree. She is now one of the pillars of TopTen's Daily Headlines.


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Tanya Khurana (30)
Earlier Call Times For Bars To Decrease Alcohol-Related Casualties, Says Experts

I love to read and write all the hottest gossips and events around the world. I am in the search for the latest trends that people die for and provide significant analysis to initiate understanding among readers. I have a degree in journalism and have been in the online business for over seven years.


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Ashmita Bisht (2)
Top 10 dating tips men shouldn’t miss

Along with her generalism experiences, she also writes on general topics related to life hacks and motivation. Ashmita is a journalism graduate with expertise on current events and leisure. She recently launched her blog dedicated to self-development. | Phone: 7862108998