Top Ten Leadership Skills in Narendra Modi that makes him the Perfect Prime Minister

We’re well aware of the fascinating qualities that Narendra Modi, the prime minister of India possesses. However, the man at the top must not always command power if he/she wishes to be a monumental leader. Here we discuss the top ten diverse leadership skills in Narendra Modi that makes him into a formidable leader.

1.Exemplary character: The sanskars of our prime minister presents him as a suave and a well-behaved man who does not misuse his status to garner false-respect. 

Leadership Skills in Narendra Modi

2. Enthusiastic: The enthusiasm of Narendra Modi knows no bounds. He loves serving his countrymen so much that he spends 18 hours every day at work. 

Leadership Skills in Narendra Modi

3. Charisma: The 66-year-old pradhan sevak has a charismatic persona that soothes people around him. His calm demeanor makes all the other people talk to him freely and frankly. 

4. Confident: Narendra Modi is quite confident and self-assured with the moves that he makes. It’s because he does his homework!   

5. Reliable: You can count on PM Modi when the going gets tough. In an environment that is indecisive and not productive, you’ll often see Narendra Modi coming up with creative ideas to solve the problems. 

6. Patience: Patience is a trait rarely found in the masses these days. The prime minister is quite famous for his persistence in resolving lengthy and difficult conflicts that others would find annoying.      

7. Analytical mind: Prime Minister Narendra Modi often breaks down an issue into smaller problems so it becomes easier to attend to them.

8. Visionary: Swachh Bharat and ‘make in India’ are PM Modi’s pet projects that vow to turn India into a superpower.     

Leadership Skills in Narendra Modi

9. Perfect orator: Whether it’s sarcasm or hard-hitting facts, Narendra Modi knows how to deliver them in an impactful manner. You’ll see a wave of rally attendees and television watchers that cheer on every word he says.   

10. Dilligent manager: A perfectly organized cabinet of minister proves the managerial expertise of PM Modi. He knows how to best use his ministers’ talents.

Want to add another point in this set of leadership skills? Let us know!  

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