Top Ten Life Lessons from the Dalai Lama that’ll give you Inner Peace

The Dalai Lama is renowned for his wisdom and teachings of Buddhism. His Holiness’ philosophy on how to live life in a jovial way without hurting anyone should be taught to all. Here’s top ten life lessons, as told by the Dalai Lama that you should strive to follow. 

  • Be compassionate. Do not subject others to situations that you yourself would hate to be in. Love thy neighbour and do not harm animals.

Top Ten Life Lessons

  • Be kind to everyone. Don’t judge anyone lest you wish to be judged. Today, when we are kind to each other, we feel a connection, and new relationships are forged, or existing ones strengthened.

Top Ten Life Lessons

  • Be happy and find your state of bliss. Many people have the motto of “I want happiness”. Let go of the ‘I’ since it represents your ego. Bury the ‘want’ as it expresses your desire. You are left with pure ‘happiness’.                       Top Ten Life Lessons
  • Always share your happiness with everyone around you. Share your sadness as well. Sharing happiness multiplies it, while sharing sorrows lightens your mind.  

Top Ten Life Lessons


  • Nurture your relationships with everyone. Family and friends are really important for your mental well-being and emotional support. 

Top Ten Life Lessons

  • Stay healthy and exercise daily. A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. The role of exercise becomes even more important as we all want to hold on to the qualities of good health and youth. It helps in reducing stress

Top Ten Life Lessons

  • Avoid violent confrontations and arguments. Always try to resolve problems peacefully without fuelling hard feelings. 

Top Ten Life Lessons

  • What you think is what you’ll become. A single thought that reeks of pessimism and gloom can end up demoralizing you heavily. Think positive and be positive! 

Top Ten Life Lessons

  • Be honest to yourself and the world around you. The truth seldom remains hidden. 

Top Ten Life Lessons


  • Destroy your anger. You will not be punished FOR your anger; you will be punished BY your anger.   

Top Ten Life Lessons

These top ten life lessons from the Dalai Lama should be implemented daily for the best results. Only you can take control of your own life. Stay awesome reader!   

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  1. shyna

    Anger is a big evil, which can destroy your inner peace, these teachings are really helpful, big follower of Dalai Lama


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