Top 10 Exclusive Google Pixel Features

What makes Google Pixel different from the Nexus phones that we have seen? Well, there’s definitely a difference and it is in the software. Google’s latest smartphone is coming with newest Android version (Android Nougat) along with security updates.

Take a look at 10 new features that Google layered on to the amazing Pixel.

1. Google Pixel – Design

Google paid special attention to the phone’s design, and it’s said to designed in-house. The smartphone features a large glass panel on the back and a sleek aluminum chassis. The design features are viewed as truly iconic by experts.

2. Google Assistant

Pixel is the only phone that has Google Assistant built-in. It gives users constant on-demand access to Google’s state-of-the-art virtual personal assistant software. The Assistant can be triggered by touching and pressing the home button or simply with a hot word.

3. Photography

The device comes with a 12-megapixel camera that is the best ever for a Google phone. The phone’s camera also boasts nifty features such as Smartburst, just like iPhones do. Its enhanced HDR+ combines multiple short exposures for better lighting and extended dynamic range.

4. Smart Storage

Google Pixel has an incredible feature that ensures the phone never runs out of storage space. It does this by deleting videos and photos from the device that are already backed up to Google Photos. Pixel does this whenever it needs to create space for new files.

5. Communications

New Google apps like Allo and Duo come pre-installed on Pixel smartphones, and they feature deep integration into the device— thanks in part to intelligent new software tools like Google Assistant.

6. Superfast charging

A 15 minute charging session can provide you up to 7 hours of usage— that’s among the best fast-charging solutions on the market.

7. Live Customer Care

Google Pixel owners can contact a live support agent by chat, phone or screen-share 24/7. As anyone with a smartphone created by a company other than Apple can attest to, better customer service is something all mobile phone users have needed and wanted for a long time.

8. New name, new colors

With Google Pixel, the search engine giant has truly raised brought their game to a whole new level. Google’s new naming system includes a simple “G” branding. The smartphone comes in three fresh colors – Blue, White and Black.

9. Virtual Reality

Google’s Pixel is among the first to come with Daydream support, which is Google’s exciting virtual reality platform. The devices are also completely compatible with Google’s very first VR headset, the Daydream View.

10. Updates

Last but most importantly, Google Pixel smartphones will have instant access to Android updates as they’ll be coming directly from Google right after they’re released.

Google Pixel is bound to give tough competition to in-demand Apple, Samsung and HTC devices.

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