10 Best Contemporary Art Galleries in Asia

Art is the way to connect to our inner selves, i.e. to our intellectual side. Asia comprises with plenty of art galleries. Read on to find 10 best contemporary art galleries in Asia.

  1. Pearl Lam galleries

Best Contemporary Art Galleries in Asia

With their branches in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Singapore pearl lam galleries come up with their best Chinese contemporary artwork every year. They focus on showing the Chinese culture in a different light through art, with the help of their both regional and international artists.


  1. Whitespace Gallery

Best Contemporary Art Galleries in Asia

Whitespace Gallery

This gallery is in the heart of Bangkok Siam’s square. They have been showcasing the independent and revolutionary artworks of young emerging local artists from last 8 years.

  1. Galerie perotin

Galerie Perrotin

It was originally formed in 1989 in Paris, setting their new branch in Hong Kong in 2012. The Gallery showcases the artworks of their recognized artists namely Takashi Murakami, Maurizio Cattelan and Damien Hurst.

  1. Megumi Ogita Gallery

Best Contemporary Art Galleries in Asia

Megumi Ogita Gallery

This gallery in Japan showcases the best urban artworks by Japanese artists including, Karin Kamijo, Mitsuru Takeya, and Toshimasa Kikuchi.

  1. Serindia Gallery

Best Contemporary Art Galleries in Asia

Serindia Gallery

This gallery is located in one of the oldest art spots of Thailand, which is in Bangrak. The interior of the gallery comprises of white walls and teak wood floor. They showcase the artwork of Tibet, Himalayas, and Southeast Asia.

  1. Gallery Magda Danysz

Best Contemporary Art Galleries in Asia

Gallery Magda Danysz

It was originally a French gallery with now its second branch in Shanghai. They showcase the best artworks of renowned and even street artists.

  1. Kult Gallery

Kult Gallery

This is the newest gallery in Singapore established in 2009. It’s popular for the coolest street art exhibition that they showcase.

  1. SCAI The Bathhouse

Best Contemporary Art Galleries in Asia

SCAI The Bathhouse

The gallery showcases the talent of avant-garde Japanese young artists who creates inspiring artwork, focusing on the 200 years of Japanese history.

  1. Gagosian Gallery

Best Contemporary Art Galleries in Asia

Gagosian Gallery

This Hong Kong based gallery which was originally opened in LA showcases the sophisticated contemporary artworks of renowned artists like Richard Prince, Zheg fanzhi and more.

  1. H Gallery

Best Contemporary Art Galleries in Asia

H Gallery

It is a private gallery which helps in promoting skilled artists internationally. They present all kinds of artworks like painting, sculptures and photography.

These were the Best Contemporary Art Galleries in Asia where you could get inspired by the established contemporary artworks of young and experienced artists.

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