Ten Reasons to go for Richfeel Anagrow

Is your hair all black and shiny? Do you think you have a perfect silkiness and hardly any hair is getting thin or rough? Hello? Okay, no one is with me. Let us try again. Is your hair just not how you want them to be? Thinning, not growing properly, falling and just not how you want them? Whoa, you’re back.
So how do we manage our all-time aging old bunch of rough strands hanging from our scalps without any life?
I have recently discovered a ground-breaking technique based on plant cells and for a change, this absolutely works! This revolutionary technique which has set the ball rolling is called Anagrow and is by the renowned hair brand Richfeel.
Away from the fears and expense of hair transplantation and from tardiness of mundane home remedies is Anagrow by Richfeel. Here’s a list of 5 reasons why you should definitely go for this remedy:

1. It is world’s first non-invasive treatment for hair thinning based on stem cells. It uses a combination of apple, pea and argan stem cells and their combination is called PCT Rejuva Max.

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2. Stem cells are inserted into hair follicles using first-of-its-kind RF Anagain 10X machine which removes DHT, the reason for baldness, from hair follicles.


3. It has been proven that Richfeel Anagrow reduces hair fall by 56%, restores it by 78%, and increases hair growth by 85%.

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4. This technology works within the dermal and epidermal layers of the skin.

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5. It has been proven to fight scanty hair, lack of hair growth, decreased volume (length), decreased density (thickness), hair loss, scalp irritation and even baldness.


So folks, stop worrying about those falling strands. Try Richfeel Anagrow!
Richfeel is a hair care, beauty, fitness and personal care international brand, working for over 27 years now. The brand has a presence pan India, spreading across 25 cities. The chain of Richfeel Trichology Centres and hair and scalp clinics comprises of more than 65 centers in top metros and tier-1 cities. Richfeel has its spas at two locations in Mumbai – Peddar Road and domestic airport. The brand has accomplished many successful case studies.

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  1. Tirupati Singh

    Richfeel Anagrow!!! It sounds interesting… what is the fees for this ? how is it different from other transplantation techniques??

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