Top 10 Infrastructure Companies in India


Infrastructure sector is one of the key drivers of the Indian economy. It has made a major contribution in propelling the overall growth and development of India. At present, the sector is witnessing enormous growth with a number of magnanimous projects for urbanization. Various infrastructure companies have contributed to the urbanization in India.

Here are the top infrastructure companies in India:

  1. Larsen and Toubro Infrastructure Development Projects Ltd.

Established in 1995, The Larsen and Toubro Infrastructure Development Projects Limited is one of the leading Indian infrastructure firms. It offers an array of services related to the construction of roads, railways and metro. Topping the list of the Indian infrastructure firms, the company’s budget rate per yearly construction projects is around Rs 18,000 Cr.

  1. Reliance Infrastructure Ltd.

The Reliance Infrastructure Limited is yet another leading infrastructure companies in India. It is widely known for its state-of-the-art projects related to Airports, Highways and Real Estate construction. The Global Association of Infrastructure Firms has acknowledged the overall excellence of Reliance Infrastructure Ltd in the form of the National Award for Excellence in Energy Management. The company’s Market Capitalization rate amounts to Rs 12,098 Crore, as of 2016.

  1. GMR Infrastructure Ltd.

With Market Capitalization rate of about Rs 8,029 Crore this year, GMR Infrastructure Limited has made it to the list of the leading infrastructure companies in India. It deals in the construction projects related to Airports, Real Estates, Highways, Energy, etc.

  1. IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd.

The IRB Infrastructure Developers Limited Company is a widely known and trusted name in the construction and infrastructure sector. Under the aegis of IRB Infrastructure owner, Virendra Mhaiskar, the company has attained commendable success and established benchmarks of excellence in its sector. The company has earned a Market Capitalization Rate of around Rs 8,940 Crore.

  1. Jaiprakash Associates Ltd.

Founded in 1979, Jaiprakash Associates Limited Company has earned a proud mark in the list of the most reputable infrastructure companies in India. It deals in the construction of Roads, Real Estates, Sports Arenas, Hospitals and many other infrastructures across many cities. The company’s Market Capitalization rate amounts to Rs 5,716 Crore approximately.


  1. Nagarjuna Construction Co. Ltd.

Nagarjuna Construction Company Limited Company boasts of being one of the richest and most trusted companies in India. It mainly offers Irrigation, Railways, Mining, Roads, and Energy Power Construction and Consultation services. The company’s market Capitalization rate is around Rs 5,214 Crore.


  1. Hindustan Construction Company

Hindustan Construction Company is one of the oldest infrastructure companies in India. It has been listed as one of the biggest Indian construction companies this year. The Market Capitalization rate of the company is about Rs 1,905 Crore.


  1. GVK Power and Infrastructure Ltd.

With a Market Capitalization rate of Rs 1,500+ Crore this year, GVK Power and Infrastructure Ltd has emerged as one of the leading infrastructure companies in India. The company funds projects that are related to the construction of Expressways, Energy Plants, Electric Lines, Bridges, etc.


  1. Lanco Infratech Ltd.

Lanco Infratech Limited is a well-known and accredited infrastructure companies based in New Delhi. The company funds and supports various projects related to Expressways, Power Plants, Engineering, Building Constructions, Road Constructions, etc. It has a Market Capitalization rate of Rs 1,200+ Crore this year.


  1. Punj Lloyd Infrastructure Ltd.

Punj Lloyd is a prominent Global Group enterprise, well acknowledged for offering integrated design, engineering, procurement, construction and project management services to the energy and infrastructure sectors. It has a Market Capitalization rate of Rs 933 Crore and a yearly net profit of about $6-10.00 per year.


Over the years, there has been a significant growth in the real estate’s retail, hospitality and commercial segments. The aforementioned companies are the big players in India which have contributed in its overall growth and urbanization.

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