Top 10 Unique Facts About India

Unique Facts about India that are buried in the sands of time. However, there are many mysterious yet wonderful truths about the country that even the Indians aren’t aware of. Let us know a little more about India history that reflects its distinctiveness.

1. Exercises Highest Number of Languages

India is the only country to have 23 officially spoken languages and more than thousand other minor languages and dialects.

India languages

2. Supplies Half of the World’s IT Services

Another fact showing off the intellect side of India is that, half of entire world’s IT services that are outsourced, comes from India.


3. Boasts An Adult Literacy Rate of 70%

Literacy rate has always been the highest in India. More than 70% of the literacy rate in India sums up the adults of the country.

India Literacy

4. Developing Nation with a Nuclear Submarine

India is the only developing nation that has been capable of designing and functioning nuclear-powered submarines.

Nuclear Development

5. Oldest Civilizations in the Entire World

The Indus Valley civilization dates back to 2400 BC making it more than 4500 years old.

India Civilization

6. The Only Country Having 400,000 Millionaires

The combined net worth of the country is about $2.5 billion making it the home to 400,000 millionaires.

indian millionaires

7. Gave Birth To World’s Mathematical Wizard

Shakuntala Devi was honored with the title of the ‘Human Calculator’ for calculating a 13 digit arbitrary number in merely 30 seconds.

India math

8. First To Send a Spacecraft to Mars At Once

India is the only country that succeeded in sending across a spacecraft to Mars in the very first attempt, unlike others.

india spacecraft

9. Invented the Procedure of Surgery

India had started conducting the procedure of surgeries way before any other countries, which was about 3,000 years back.

Surgery India

10. The Country Was an Island 100 million Years Ago

Most of what we call India now, used to be an island 100 million years ago. India broke off from a supercontinent, Gondwanaland.

India Island


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