Ten Tips on Being a Great Writer

Becoming a writer is not a cakewalk. Few people care to attempt, and even fewer succeed. It is true that there is no fixed path of going about this. The process of writing a book and getting it published comes with its own share of dilemmas. So if you are a prospective first-time author, Vikas Gupta Wiley India presents a list of the 10 best tips that might help you sail through the journey smoothly.

  1. Read a lot. Remember, the best writers of all times have been avid readers too!
  2. Carry a little notebook with you at all times. Jot down every passing thought, any observation, or even an overheard conversation for future references.
  3. Think of a novel idea for your book. Or at least write about something that you would like to read about in the first place.
  4. Things in publishing change frequently. Keep a track on the trends. Do your research well before you actually get down to writing something.
  5. An essential question to keep asking yourself while writing is ‘what if’. This tiny hack may help you a lot in exploring the possibilities for weaving an interesting story.
  6. Don’t let people’s opinion, remarks, or suggestions crumple your creativity. It would be great if you could avoid talking about your ideas until you are done with the entire book.
  7. Do not put your story in any genre while you are still composing it. Let your thoughts flow. Write what you feel like writing and you might discover a whole new genre!
  8. Just hang in there until you make it to the end. You might experience a creative slowdown towards the middle of the story but ensure that you complete it.
  9. It can be a great idea to hire a literary agent. That way, the author in you can concentrate on writing while everything right from dealing with publishers to promoting thebook would be looked after by the agent.
  10. Most important of all: Be ready to expect and accept rejections. Don’t be fearful of a few false starts. The key to keep moving is not to let it jiggle your love for writing!

A renowned name in the publishing industry for decades now,  Vikas Gupta Wiley India has been associated with a many bestselling authors. He understands the nitty-gritty of the process and helps several budding writers to grow tremendously as great novelists. 

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    Quite an informative article by vikas gupta of wiley india. There are some small things which we need to take care of while writing. These tips actually helps people to create a beautiful content.


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