These Top 10 Makeup Brands Can Make You Feel Alive

A woman can tell you the importance of Makeup in her life. It gives her the confidence to present herself in the most beautiful way. Makeup is all about playing beautifully with the shades. Here is the list of top 10 makeup brands.
1. Estee Lauder

They have a wide range of hair care, cosmetic, Foundations, nail paints and lipstick. Their shades are very vibrant. It is giving tough competition to other brands because of its good quality.

2. Dove

top 10 makeup brands dove

This brand was established in the year 1857 and since then there is no looking back. Dove is constantly ruling the market since its inception. Dove provides a wide variety of hair care products, moisturizers, face wash, soaps to its clients.

3. Neutrogena

top 10 makeup brands

This brand is very popular in celebrities and models. Neutrogena products provide instant freshness and long lasting effects. Its best products are scrubs, whitening creams, sun blocks, lip gloss, base coats.

4. Lancôme

This French brand provides its clients numerous range of makeup items and fragrances. Lancôme eye makeup range promises to provide that radiant look to its clients. Many celebrities and models are frequent users of their mascaras and eye liner range.

5. Maybelline

It is one of the leading cosmetic brand. This American brand operates in more than hundred countries and counted as one of the renowned makeup brands. Maybelline has extended its expertise in eye makeup, nail paints, lipsticks and foundations.

6. Clinique

It is a famous company to manufacture hair care and cosmetic brand. It came in to existence in the year 1968 is counted in top ten makeup brands. Clinique products are very high in demand all over the world.

7. MAC

mac top 10 makeup  brands

This brand has established its market all over the world. Its finest product include mascaras, eye shades, nail paints, blusher, lip glosses and others. MAC is one of the top 10 makeup brands among Indian celebrities because of its natural shades.

8. Avon

This brand is counted in top ten makeup brand of the world. It aims at providing great and affordable products to its clients. Its light adjusting makeup and antiaging products are definitely the best.

9. Olay

olay makeup

It is an award winning skin and makeup brand. Olay promises to provide good quality products at reasonable prices. Its serums, perfumes, sunscreen lotions, skin whitening cream are very popular all over the world.

10. L’Oreal

L'Oreal Sonam Kapoor top 10 makeup brands

This prestigious and renowned French company is currently the best makeup brand. It came in to existence in 1990 and they have been constantly introducing new and innovative products in the market.

These top 10 makeup brands have constantly changed the definition of makeup and beauty in our life.

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