Top Ten NGOs in India

Today nobody do anything without seeking their own profit apart from few organizations like NGOs. These Non-profit organizations are such organizations which work towards the betterment of society without thinking about their own profit. They keep other people’s necessities before their own. According to a recent survey India has so many NGOs registered that a single NGO easily covers 600 people. Some of them consider that working towards making other people’s life worth living, is the ultimate goal of their (NGO’s) lives. And with that philosophy we bring you the list of TopTen NGOs of India who are doing an impeccable job in their relevant fields.

10. Give India



It’s one of a kind NGO which provides financial help to the other NGOs across the nation. It collects the donations from all over the world and then give it away to those NGOs who need it.

9. Indian Environmental Society


It is a non-profit development organization which has been promoting Environmental Improvement Initiatives in India since 1972. It’s active in Environmental Education, Biodiversity Conservation, Information Dissemination, Solid Waste Management, Eco-Technology & Heritage Conservation.

8. Azad Foundation


Working for women empowerment with the vision to help the women who will ultimately help themselves to live with dignity and enjoy the citizenship while generating wealth and values for themselves.

7. Udaan


This two decades olf NGO is working for differently able. Its name symbolizes the flight of the freedom from the confines of disabilities, a trait which they try to inculcate in the heart of these children.

6. Save the Girl Child


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They want to save girl child and eradicate the illiteracy among them so that they can work for their betterment. According to them the education and poverty removal will help in awakening people’s conscience.

5. CRY


Three and half decade old this NGO is working towards saving the child rights and making innumerable children aware about their rights as well through various campaigns which they organize time to time.

4. Akshaya Patra


This Bangalore based NGO is internationally acknowledged for its midday meal services in lakhs of schools across India, where underprivileged children enroll themselves.

3. Help Age India


Recently completed its 37 years in the field of helping elders of the society. With its corporate office based in New Delhi, it has received a number of awards and other recognition for its excellence.

2. Goonj


With the shortest description of “a voice, an effort”, it is the first NGO in India to relocate the dispose of urban household as a development resource of the villages. It highlights clothing as a basic need of human beings which need to be addressed by the society apart from food and education.

1. Smile Foundation


It started functioning in the year 2002 with the goal of working with such initiatives in mind which focuses on working class and bring positive changes in the lives of underprivileged children, their families and communities.

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