Top Ten NGOs for Women Empowerment

India is world’s largest democracy and a country where people know how to utilize their rights and be accountable to their responsibilities, well most of us. But there are few people who don’t practice the same due to the lack of resources or awareness towards them, women are a part of that unaware and deprived race of people. So we are here to tell you about those TopTen NGOs who are working for women empowerment in Delhi so that these underestimated and under confident ladies can work on themselves with the support of these NGOs.


10.  Sense Foundation

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They promise to care for whatever is the need of hour. They believe in not only doubling their efforts, but redoubling it for the betterment of women in society who are struggling for their existence

9. Taj Foundations


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This holistic social development group aligns with non-governmental organizations that are world renowned for their social development projects like Lion and Rotary, so that they can reach every corner of the world wherever the need occurs.



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Child and Women Care Society organizes a Women Empowerment program naming, Main bhi Kalpana Chawla banungi from time to time, for motivate the girl child and women of the society to become independent and fulfill their dreams which they want to come true.

7. Sarthi

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Started with the purpose of solving ‘drinking water problems’ and eventually diversified into other segments as well. Swashakti is one of them which focus on enhancing the self-power of women.

6. Navjyoti:

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Its center is renowned as Navjyoti pathshala which started functioning in 1998 with the aim to facilitate education to the street children. Now it is also working for other necessary requirements of the society, Women Empowerment being the major project.

5. Lakshyam

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They believe that enhancement of disadvantaged children and women’s lives, is the sole purpose of their existence on this Earth. They achieve it by offering the positive direction and a healthier approach towards the life and devote themselves towards the privileged future.

4. Sapna India

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With the motive “realizing a dream”, Sapna is working hard to eradicate the violence against women in the society, as domestic violence and violence against women in public is increasing day by day. They promise to identify the unknown person.


3. National NGO


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Their strong believe in ‘opportunity need to be provided instead of charity’, has given their approach, betterment of society, more of an optimistic direction to proceed. Their commitment to their cause is their valuable asset.

2. Azad Foundation

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With various offices established in South, North and East of Delhi along with Jaipur, Azad Foundation is working towards providing the livelihood with self-respect. Their major works involve equalizing the employment field for underprivileged women.

1. Swabhiman:


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It is an initiative of Smile Foundation India working in Delhi. It focuses on providing opportunities, skill enhancement and inculcating the confidence in today’s women to live their lives with dignity and pride.Swabhiman means self-respect.

You can also be a part of these or one of these NGOs to enhance the lives of women who are deprived of the opportunities. So come forward and be a part of humanity!


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