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It is often a tough fight for students to figure out a suitable career option. A step that can make or break a person’s life, their career holds the maximum importance. When it comes to finding the best career options, what’s wise is to understand what different options offer, in order to make a choice that stays with you for long.

Following are the best career options in 2018:

UI/UX Designer:

If you have a knack for computers and are also artistic at the same time. This job is for you. Learn to code and make websites dance to your tunes.

Data Analytics Professional:

If finding and analyzing reports is your thing, this job will bring you laurels for sure. Research, market trends and a lot more that will keep you updated about what’s happening on the global front, data analytics will take you places while you are sitting right there on your laptop.

Machine learning and AI engineers:

Your computer understands what you tell it and then remembers it forever. Sounds interesting? If yes then it is one of the best career options for you. Artificial intelligence eliminates the need of human intervention and brings forward solutions that are interesting. Go for it if you want to design the next amazing chat bot.

Media and entertainment:

Actor, singer, stage performer, dancer and more is what this job offers. It’s time to let the world know about your hidden talents.

Event manager:

Organizing, coordinating and getting things done is what makes this job interesting. Also, you get to travel a lot. If tight schedules but lots of fun is what you are looking for, this is the job for you.

Analytics professional:

Data holds utmost importance in today’s world. For an analytics professional, it is crucial to process this data and present valuable results in terms of graphs, charts and more. High profile presentations and serious disciplined life is waiting if this is the career you choose.

Medical Professional:

Your dedication and hard work along with your will to serve humanity is what will drive you to do your job the best. A slow but a fruitful process, becoming a medical professional comes with satisfaction and love for the people.


Thinking out of the box is what you are known for? Let people know your creativity with the clothes you design. Fashion is an industry that suits to people who are always thinking ahead.

Interior designer:

Colours, designs, patterns and beauty, interior designing is all about creating something new and fresh every time. If wall and beautiful art pieces are your love, you sure are an interior designer in the making.

Culinary arts:

Another job option for people who love to serve and present new and interesting dishes. Your hidden chef needs an awakening if this is the dream job you’ve been thinking about. Pick up that knife already.

With the aforementioned jobs, you can select the best career option you want. Make sure to see what all of them offer, and what you want your life to be like 5 years down the line. Once you have figured out your interest, go forward and make it happen.

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