10 rules that must be included in a remote work policy

The dynamics of corporate world are changing by leaps and bounds as technologies are taking over our lives. The culture of remote working has gained traction in the last few years, and will only grow in the future. Connecting All India (CAI), a remote job provider, suggests the following rules that must be included in company policy for smooth functioning with remote employees:

1. Confidentiality

For every business, client confidentiality is the ultimate priority, and it is necessary that this is specified in a policy. Even the smallest piece of information in wrong hands can wreak havoc on the client as well as hamper the company’s credibility.

2. Eligibility

Every company needs to identify the potential positions that can be included under the remote working section. CAI recommends this to every business as transparency from the beginning is always appreciated by the company’s workforce.

3. Maintain Contact

It is the responsibility of every remote worker to keep their supervisor or colleague in the loop regarding every development or hurdle. Company policy must have an upper limit of response time in order to promote effective communication.

4. Parameters of productivity evaluation

Different job profiles have different measures of productivity. However, experts at CAI suggest that a company must encourage the final outcome as the sole parameter. The reason is simple: if a person can achieve the expected results in 4 hours, then spending the next four for the sake of it is useless.

5. Availability

One of the premier reasons of opting a remote career is the flexibility of hours, but the requirement of a company cannot be compromised under any circumstances. The policies must specify the timings or liberty of the employee’s own schedule so that internal employee conflicts do not arise.

6. Pre-requisites

A remote coder cannot work without a company laptop and a person with foreign clientele needs a reliable internet connection. Such requirements need to be addressed by the company or inform the employee to make their own arrangement in the policy.

7. Security

Data is the foundation of every company and a breach of security could initiate their supposed end. Security analysts at Connecting All India suggest that policies must emphasize on the importance of data security. For instance, not accessing personal mail on public Wi-Fi, controlling the privacy of a Google Drive link, etc.

8. Termination

Managers must be aware that no employee can be terminated on the grounds of working remotely. “It is important to have a certain level of communication comfort between the employee and his supervisor because product delivery before the deadline holds greater priority than office presence,” says a manager at CAI.

9. Technical Support

Systems and internet routers are some of the common issues faced by every working professional. Company policy must specify whether they will cater to this problem or the remote working employee needs to call a technician on his own.

10. Environment

For example, if the remote employee is supposed to deal with hard copies of bulk information, then company can ask them to work in an environment, which has precautionary measures for a fire situation or burglary.

It is always better to document the rules and regulations associates with remote working opportunities for the growth of a company as well as the success of the employee.


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  1. Piyush

    Yes, it is important to have proper principles and guidelines in place to avoid confusion. Companies like CAI offer good transparency, but your communication has to be flawless with the company. Proper documentation makes us sure about our decisions and it’s important to be sure rather than sorry I believe.

    1. Lokesh

      I always believe that the technical support is vital, because there is a lot of confusion that is caused by discussions on social media and internet as a whole. Companies with good technical support always flourish.

      1. Madhvi

        The policies of CAI are very good, there is a lot of freedom pertaining to the schedules. You can decide how and where you will work.


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