10 Deadly Games that Attract Teenagers to Death

We all would admit that as a teenager we generally tend to follow the outlaws, showcase that we are cool and try hard to prove that we are grown up, strong and adventurous people. All our activities surround this mind set but these days it is most prominent in the choice of games. We bring you Top 10 deadly games that attract the teenagers of the day.

Top 10 Deadly Games

The Blue Whale Challenge: This can be considered as the most dangerous game out of the top 10 deadly games. The participant is expected to complete the challenges posed by the instructor in these 50 days. These challenges include self-harm, watching scary videos, walking at odd hours etc. The participant has to prove that he has fulfilled all challenges by sending pictures. And the result of challenges is suicide by the participant. It has already claimed more than 130 lives so far.

The Pass out Challenge or the Choking game: The choking game is played either alone or in group. If played in the group one participant submits to be choked by another. It results in death of thousands of brains cells which could lead to short-term memory loss, retina harm, hemorrhage, stroke, coma and even death.

Mortal Combat:This a fighting video game that portrays unprecedented violence an. This is the game which led to entertainment software rating board and is one of the most controversial historical game ever.

Dead Space II and III:  It is one of the most violent video games ever. Even the initial advertisement of the game included“It’s revolting. It’s violent. It’s everything you love in a game, and your mom’s gonna hate it.”

Huffing:The purpose of the game is to inhale chemical vapors to get a feeling of lightheadedness.This game results in hallucination, impaired judgment, depression, slurred speech, dizziness and irritability. The threecommonly used inhalants areVolatile solvents such asglue, paint thinner; Aerosols such as hair spray and gases such as propane and butane.

Naughty Bear: The rating might dupe many. The game is about a psychopathic bear who spends his time by torturing his peers until they commit suicide.  It is too close to the Blue whale idea and propagates the feeling of bullying, torturing and encourages imaginative murder.

Diablo III: The game is full of demonic and monstrous content. The content is too violent, disturbing and raw. This may cause a sense of phobia among kids and even hallucination.

The Salt and Ice Challenge: In this game the participant is to apply salt on their skin and then ice on the same part. The salt decreases the temperature of ice to low as -26 degrees causing high burns.

The Fire Challenge: In this the participant is required to put himself or herself on fire. They are supposed to apply flammable material on their torso and put it on flames. This is too dangerous and leads to life-threatening burns.

The Cutting Challenge: last but not least of the top ten deadly games is the cutting challenge.  It involves deliberate mutilation of one’s body and glorifies it. The participants upload their mutilated pictures on net. This is just to secure a sense of identity as earlier specified proving oneself.

The top 10 deadly games have claimed many lives and serious injuries. Both the parents and children must take account of them and guide their kids not to get involved in any such games.





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