India’s First Luxury Domestic Angriya Cruise Sails from October

Angriya, India’s first domestic luxury cruise, is set to sail from the shores of Mumbai to Goa in October. The journey on-board would be of 14 hours, which makes it possible to experience both sunrise and sunset while travelling through the sea.

Here are Top 10 facts about The Angriya that will make you want to have a taste of the premium service:

1. Angriya Cruise Interiors


Peacefully designed interiors with breathtaking view from large windows

The ship is massive and well-built to accommodate 399 passengers at a time. With seven decks, 104 rooms divided into eight categories, this cruise provides a unique experience. Serving to specific customer needs, there are six bars including a pub, two restaurants, a spa and a full operating infinity pool.

2. Cost of the Cruise trip

The cost of the cruise service voyaging from Mumbai to Goa will start from around Rs 7,000 (for a dorm bed) to Rs 11,000 (for a normal suite). The ticket will have inclusion of three meals – evening snacks, dinner and breakfast. For booking click here

3. Tourism

The idea behind the cruise is to promote coastal tourism with increased visits to destinations such as Goa, Mumbai and others. Further efforts are being made to raise attractors in South East Asia by linking it to Mumbai.

4. Cruise Timings


Angriya Cruise Timings : Embrace the sunset as well sunrise

The cruise is set to have its departure timing at 4 pm, and arrival at 9 am in Goa the next day. The return to the Mumbai port will be on alternate days.

5. The Cruise staff

Providing quality services to the passengers onboard, there are 67 staff members present round-the-clock to provide assistance and guidance.

6. Employment generation

With the vision of expanding itself to more commercial sailing services, Angriya is expected to generate large revenues, and boost employment opportunities for the youth.

7. Accommodation

The cruise provides a wide ranging choice of accommodation, such as dormitory with bunk beds. The rooms have both single and double bed options. Luxury rooms, located at an underwater level offer the passenger a close view of the marine life. The dorm pods are a more economic option, and come with no window and washroom attachments.

8. History to its name

The name of the cruise liner is inspired by first admiral of the Maratha Navy, Sarkhel Kanhoji Angre, popularly claimed as the Shivaji of the Indian sea.

9. The Japanese connection 

Angriya was initially built from the 20-year-old Japanese vessel and therefore, has an influence of Japan interiors in its signboard, pastel colored reading rooms, and washlets.

10. Future Prospects


The private sector is coming forward to enter the flourishing cruise industry. As stated by Nitin Gandkari, Union Minister, every year India receives 80 ship liners but the government expects to exceed the number to 950 in the next 5 years.

Built for an amazing sea experience, The Angriya is equipped for both leisure and business needs. Boosting the city cruise tourism and transforming your ordinary vacation ideas, the commercial liner looks promising.



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