10 Amazing Facts about Mount Everest

No matter whether you are person interested in trekking or not you cannot keep yourself being awed by the eternal Mount Everest. The majestic appearance with the element of trill is bound to attract spectators. The drive to conquer the great Mount Everest was accomplished by Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay 60 years back and was named under the name of surveyor General George Everest. Numerous interesting stories old and new surround the aura of the great Mountain. We present you the list of 10 facts about Mount Everest.

  1. Not the tallest mountain:

    The claim that Mount Everest is the highest mountain peak is controversial on the basis of measurement. Though Mount Everest is the highest peak if measured from the sea level the inactive Hawaiin volcano, Mauna Kea has the record of world’s tallest mountain.

  2. Various names:

    We commonly know the Mountain as Mount Everest but there are various native names given to the Mountain. In Tibet it is called “Chomolungma”which translates to “Mountain’s Mother Goddess” and in Nepal it is called “Sagarmatha” which translates to “Sky’s Forehead”

  3. Growing every year:

    It might sound strange but actually Mount Everest grows 4mm every yeardue to geographical uplifts.

  4. Jam packed path:

    You might imagine Mount Everest as an alienated peak where few super adventurous people go but in reality it has one of the most jam packed path. People have witnessed large queues to climb the mountain.

  5. Most polluted mountain:

    Mount Everest is not the most serene landscape but the most polluted one too. Everest is not only loaded with the corpses of unsuccessful climbers but also 50 tons of waste. The Eco-Everest Expedition has tried to eliminate 13 tons of waste till now. New rules have been formed to get rid of the increasing waste such as each climber is expected to bring down 8 kgs of waste with them or lose their deposit if $4000.

  6. Eternal and Ancient history:

    Though the formation of Himalayan Mountains dates back to 60 million years history of Everest dates back to 450+ Million years. The rocks and sediments pushed up to 11 cms that contains the marine fossils and sea creature fossils that occupied the oceans earlier.

  7. Disputed Height:

    The height of Mount Everest is disputed. As per China it is 8.8400 meters while according to Nepal it is 8,848 meters. Though in 2010 they took a common stand on 8,848 meters. Still the measurement take by satellite cannot be considered accurate.

  1. Brawl on the Mountain:

    UeliSteck, Simone Moro, and Jonathan Griffith got into a terrible brawl with the Serpas in 2013 which could have made them loose their lives. The Brawl was resolved by Nepal‘s army in a peaceful settlement.

  2. 2 twenty one time climbers:

    Apa Sherpa and PhurbaTashihold the joint record of climbingthe Mount Everest 21 times.

  3. Inhabited by spiders:

    Even with the little oxygen high in the sky without any kind of flora the mountain spider are permanent residents of Everest making them the most persistent inhabitants on earth.

It is just a glimpse of the Everest surely there is much more that would have been explored and experienced. Do share your experiences with us about the majestic Everest.

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