Top 10 books on India to read before your first India visit.

It has not been long since traveling far corners of the world became a prevalent pastime. Previously, only a few enjoyed the privilege that encompassed traders and soldiers. Later on adventurers and explorers and still later the aristocracy had the chance of visiting far off places. The rest of the lot depends on books as their favorite and most sought after pastime.

In today’s world of knowledge and advancement, books still maintain their status-quo-ante as the precious repository of information and experience. There are not many places on earth that inspires such frenzied flights of fantasy as India does. There are a lot of books on India that have been written over the years.

We have brought you the list of 10 books to read before traveling to India that offers you several places and experience to inspire the trip.

List of Top 10 books on India

Freedom at Midnight

It is a historical account of the Indian independence movement in 1947 and 1948. The book is writtenby Larry Collins, Dominique Lapierre and begins with the appointment of Lord Mountbatten of Burma. It tops the best books to read before traveling to India

India After Gandhi

The author of the book is Ramchandra Guha who was a renowned Indian historian. The book entails the history of the world’s largest democracy and kick starts with the year 1947.


The book is the personal account of Gregory David Roberts who was an Australian fugitive who fled to India. It narrates his experiences to Mumbai slums, to remote villages and Arthur road prison. The book was released in the year 2003 and rumored to be a film adaption.

The God of Small Things

The booker prize winning novel was written by Indian novelist, Arundhati Roy. It won the Man Booker Prize in the year 1998 and narrates the story of twins, Rahel and Estha during times of political unrest in Kerala.

The White Tiger

It was the debut novel of Arvind Adiga. It won the Man Booker Prize in the year 2008 and follows the pathetic story of a poor village boy, Balram Halwai as he travels to Delhi and later onto Bangalore.

A Suitable Boy

The book is the quest of female protagonist Lata to find a suitable boy to marry. The book is the work of renowned author and novelist Vikram Seth.

A Passage to India

The classic novel is written by EM Forster and explore the racial tension in India during freedom struggle in the country.


The novel is written by a German author, Herman Hesse and narrated the voyage of spiritual self-discovery. Indian deity, Siddhartha leaves his family to find his way to enlightenment.

Lonely Planet

It is the latest edition to the travel guide and features colored maps, itineraries, reviews, and information. It is a mini guide to those traveling with kids and for solo travelers.

Love Series

It is a travel guide by Fiona Caulfield dedicated to books on India. It is visually appealing and one can choose from Love Jaipur, Love Delhi, Love Goa, Love Mumbai among others.

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