10 Tips for safe and sound Holi experience

Just a matter of few days and you will be celebrating Holi quite enthusiastically with your loved ones. Playing Holi is indeed a unique and memorable experience. But you should be surrounded with good memories, not silly mishaps. Follow 10 tips mentioned below for a safe and sound Holi.

1) While you take out your old clothes from wardrobe, make you sure what you wear during Holi covers the maximum of your body. So the minimum skin is exposed to colors and colored water. You may go for full-sleeved shirts and old trousers or denims.

2) Apply skin protective cream or oil on your exposed parts. The slipperiness and grease of the oil won’t let the rough colors settle deep into your skin.

3) We surely cannot advise you to play Holi indoors. But do make sure that you smear a waterproof sunscreen lotion as it will protect you from severe tanning. Use herbal, naturally made colors to play Holi with. These are easily available in the market.

4) Keeping yourself hydrated is very important. Dehydration causes your dry skin and paired with harsh chemicals present in synthetic colors, the color might get into your skin. Keep drinking fluids regularly, preferably fruit juices and glucose for energy.

5) For your lips and ears, you may use lip-balm and Vaseline (or any other moisturizer) respectively to keep them moisturized throughout the celebrations. Use Vaseline under your nails too. Dry skin can make pores open wide; keeping them tinted and moisturized will be good for you.

6) If, while playing Holi, you feel irritation and itchiness make sure you wash that body part immediately with cold water. Once the itchiness subsides, you can further treat it with soothing lotions, like lacto calamine. If the itching still persists, be sure about getting checked by a dermatologist.

7) Once you are done enjoying a joyous session with your near and dear ones, it’s time to move to the toughest part- removal of colors. It is advised to remove them while your skin is still wet. Dry colors are difficult to remove. However, don’t panic if the colors have dried, they will come off eventually with each shower.

8) Apply a moisturized soap with lukewarm salt water and add a drop of baby oil to it. Remember, you shouldn’t rub your face or your body strenuously. Instead of helping in removal of colors, it may damage your skin. A mixture of gram powder (besan) with milk may also be used to get rid of color traces. For those who suffer from acne – wash your face with an antibiotic gel such as Clindamycin.

9) Moisturize your whole body thoroughly after taking bath. You can use Aloe-Vera oil, calamine or any good moisturizer for the same. It is possible for the colors to not come off that easily. In this case you should never use face scrubbing or other salon procedures for removal of color. It will cause irritation, and instead of coming off, colors will settle deeper into your skin.

10) Lemon is known for having natural bleaching properties. So rubbing lemon wedges on your face and body can be a good option. However, moisturize your skin thoroughly after using lemons. Use a toner too as it will help you reduce the chemical change in your skin from Holi colors.

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