From black Widow’s relationships to Nick Fury’s history, top 10 facts about Marvel you didn’t know

The superhero universe is an altogether different world that most of us want to be in. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just be amongst the Avengers and save the world one day. Alas, we know some things can’t be. However, there are a few things that we didn’t know altogether. Here are the 10 facts about Marvel you sure didn’t know.

The hammer that superheroes can actually lift


One of the most recognizable piece of equipment has always been Mjolnir, the hammer that Thor carries. It has been portrayed in the movies that nobody except Thor can lift this hammer. However, the comics have something else written. Several superheroes including Captain America and Superman can actually lift Thor’s hammer.

A grey Hulk was in store for the audience

The green colour is a stand-out factor for Hulk and most of us know the unstoppable monster this way. However, the initial colour chosen for the character was grey. It was when colourist Stan Goldberg couldn’t get the shades of grey right and he appeared green in a couple of panels, Stan Lee decided to keep him this way, just to ease out Goldberg’s work.

Iron Man’s butler – A real J.A.R.V.I.S.

iron man J.A.R.V.I.S
Every Iron Man fan knows about J.A.R.V.I.S. However, the fact that most of us remain unaware of, is that Jarvis was a real person. Just like Batman has Alfred, Iron Man had Edwin Jarvis. It was a wise decision that J.A.R.V.I.S. was converted into an A.I. program. We sure did not want him confused with Alfred.

Captain America and his shield

Captain America and his shield
In between the battles during World War II that Captain America was fighting, President Roosevelt gave him the steel/vibranium-covered shield as a gift. The first team known as The Invaders, which was put together to fight can be actually referred to as the first Avengers.

Nick Fury – The man with a military history

Nick Fury - The man with a military history
The leader of S.H.I.E.L.D. is not just the one controlling all the superheroes but actually can fight alongside and be a badass. He is one of the most well-trained soldiers in the world. Also, in the comics he once fought alongside Captain America. He also has been a part of a fight alongside Wolverine in the Ultimate X-Men storyline.

The many love affairs of Black Widow

Natasha Romanoff
Natasha Romanoff, the popular and wildly beautiful Black Widow has had many a relationships with some of the superheroes. When on different dangerous missions, she has been with Iron Man, Daredevil, Hawkeye and even Hercules himself for some time.

From photoshop to the movie

Andy Serkis
Fan art photoshoped picture of Actor Andy Serkis, convinced Marvel to cast him as Ulysses Klaw. The Avengers – Age of Ultron actor outdid the expectations and the rest as they say, is history.

When no one recognized Wolverine

Comic-con dressed as Wolverine
Hugh Jackman once went to Comic-con dressed as Wolverine and sadly no one recognized him. Some people even said that he was too tall to cosplay Wolverine..

Marvel was once a joke

Although we know Marvel as one of the biggest production houses today, the history books say something else. Marvel once had no idea how to make superhero movies. While Roger Corman’s unreleased version of Fantastic Four is considered to be the most well-known Marvel flub, we sure would not be able to know if the other three released after that were any better.

The $220 suit that Spider-Man wore

Spider-Man wore
The black suit that Spider-Man wore was not actually Stan Lee’s idea. The writers too, did not come up with it. A fan, Randy Schueller, came up with the idea behind the black suit. Marvel offered the fan $220 and a chance to write the story. However, it didn’t work out and Marvel wrote Venom’s story which became a super hit.

With these 10 facts about Marvel, you surely know more than your friends. Go out and boast a bit, you now know more than your group, isn’t it?

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