Top 10 countries of the world with great tech advancements

It is rightly said, that technology has the power to change the world. We are the people living in 21st Century, where information and communication technology is widely used to cater benefits for mankind. has brought to you a the list of ten most high tech countries in the world.

10. Finland:

At number 10 in terms of high-tech projects and medical prowess is Finland. This country is famously renowned as the creator of Nokia, which ruled the communication Industry, for over a dozen years. It is presently is focusing on biosciences, energy and environmental science as its core area.

9. China:

The next name in the list is a no surprise. China which has been often referred as the next super power, has a long list of out breaking achievements in the last decade. It is currently focused on discovering advancements in robotics, semiconductors, high-speed trains, supercomputers and Genetics.

8. Canada:

With a highly efficient technology sector, Canada has strongly encouraged science and research. The country is credited with creating the resourceful interactive machines and chip less credit and debit cards.

7. United Kingdom:

UK being a first world country has witnessed a lot of technological advancements. British scientists have invented Jet engine, locomotive engine, World Wide Web, Electric Motor and Commercial Electric Telegraph. Recently, the country specialized in military technologies which includes Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle, BAE Systems Taranis.

6. Russia:

The largest country of the world by area and the 6th best when it comes to technology. Russia was the first country to try its luck with space exploration and moon landing. Russia being a giant producer and inventor of weapons technology and defense system, exports its equipment to many nations around the world.

5. Germany:

This country has always found its name in this list, and is regarded as one of the most technologically advanced nation. German research scientists have contributed in the fields like space travel and biotechnology. Furthermore, ever since the era of Hitler, the German automotive industry has produced some of the most high-tech engines with big brands like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen and Porsche.

4. Israel:

Out of the total exports done by this nation, 35% account as technology related. It is also known for its innovation in the defense industry such as Iron Dome. Israel developed the first unmanned aerial vehicle with real time surveillance. Moreover, this amazing nation has modern electric car infrastructure which can only be found in the few nations of the world.

3. South Korea:

This country is a birthplace to some of the big names in the industry of technology and development, inventions like LG, Hyundai, and Samsung who are the current globe leaders, are all being invented by Korea. Besides, South Korea has also made contribution in field of Robotics.

2. The United States of America:

Super power of the world America, is a significant contributor in terms of technology and development. From the atomic bomb, to pharmaceuticals, defense system and telecommunications all have been the inventions of this super power. The nation has also the most powerful and technologically advanced military. Besides, it has produced the world’s biggest technology companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, Intel, IBM and Microsoft. Completely changing the way we live in today’s era.

1. Japan:

The country that is rated as the best in terms of technology development is Japan. Japanese scientists have made enormous contributions in various fields like automobiles, electronics, machinery, earthquake engineering, optics, industrial robotics, metals and semi-conductors. Besides, their researchers have also won many Noble Prizes for making this world well equipped with the best technologies.

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