Top 10 Makeup Trends to Watch Out For in 2017

If you were about to cleanup for New Year, then you are just in time. We bring you top 10 makeup trends 2017 that are going to be a rage this year. Makeup trends never go out of style, they just find a new way back in.

Dark Lip Shades

The dark or gothic lip shade adds character to the face. It doesn’t have to be black; plum does well in both matte and gloss.


Glitter Liners

Instagram can be blamed for keeping the glitter liners strongly in trend. Don’t be precise; instead scatter it near your bottom lash.


Classic Red Lip

Excellence of classics never fades, like a red lip color. Wear it with no makeup, just fresh skin, natural brows and minimal eye makeup.Jumper Demo

Classic Red Lip

Smokey Eyes

Smokey eyes are sexy; orbs are in focus and look appealing too. This year, add a bit more smoke and smudge it a little from the bottom lash.


Metallic Eyes

A hint of eye-shadow on the corner of your eye or a flick of liner raises your game and a lot of brows around you.


Artful Liners

An artful liner is a top makeup trend that 2017 brings to you. Make sharp angles or add up secondary lines to them.



Go Monochromatic

Pairing up the tone of your blush with the same lip color and eye makeup blends everything together, for the good.


Natural Fluffy Brows

Pluck out a few brow strands and keep them in the regular arch shape instead of cleanly brushing and outlining them.


Bold Blush

Play a little with your blush brush. Apply it with a heavy-hand or blend it, starting from the cheek to your temple.


Bleach Brows

Redraw the way your eyes appear with the bleached brows. Combine bleached brows with a smokey look and dark shadows and be a stunner.


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Jumper Demo is here

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