Top 10 Fashion Trends for Women to take on in 2016

Apparently, fashion changes over time but some trends are determined to stay. On the outset of a new year, it’s certain to forecast upcoming fashion trends, but before that, let’s retrace the biggest fads of 2016. Nishan Kohli throws light on the top 10 fashion trends for women to take up in 2016.

Casual Shirt-dresses

Nishan Kohli Fashion

Casual shirt-dress is one of the trending fashion statements from the summer collection this year. Designers have revamped the shirt-dress with assorted quirks and cuts. You can experiment with this outfit to match your personality as you stay abreast with the fashion trends.

 Kimono-style Trench Coats

Nishan Kohli Fashion

This chic blend of a contemporary robe, a traditional kimono and a full-length coat has been an extremely stylish and well-accepted trend throughout summer. These coats are slouchy, sizeable and lightweight.


Nishan Kohli Fashion, Culottes

Culottes are tricky when it comes to the length. They fall somewhat around a bootcut and a full-on flare, and the length is edged just between the ankle and calf.

Sporty Look

Nishan Kohli, sporty look

Sporty look adds a cool quotient in winter with the athletic look. The typical touches like the tennis skirt, go-faster stripes, plimsolls or leather leggings, gym shorts etc. can really lift the look in a fresh way.


Nishan Kohli, Saree

The ethnic wear is not just limited to the Indians anymore. Saree can be worn with a modern twist, while draping it like a gown. You can flaunt your in-shape curves in the style that would set the ramp on fire, or revive the ever-green Mumtaz style.

Trucker Jackets

Nishan Kohli, Trucker Jackets

The trucker jacket is a must-have in wardrobe collection. The denim jackets can be worn during fall, and they look just great when worn under a layer, making a fashion statement.

A-Line Shapes

Nishan Kohli, A Shaped

A-line has been topping the trend list for quite some time now, and it is definitely here to stay. It looks best when combined with a touch of the 70s for a slight twist.


Nishan Kohli, Gypset

Gypsy-inspired looks was one of the biggest fashion trends for women this year. Spice up your regular work and evening wardrobe with a dash of colour and exoticism. Layered tunics with Aladdin pants, oriental-inspired accessories and bold floral patterns, will jazz up the look.


Nishan Kohli, Cape

Cape fairly looks like a poncho, and is quite flexible to beat rest of the winter dressing styles. It is worn with either sides up or down, and it goes well with any of the winter pieces, from long-length boots to the pajama style.

Long Vests

Nishan Kohli, Long Vests

Long vests are ideal for the pre-fall time of year, especially because it is the season for outerwear that you have been keen to wear. They can also be worn during spring, exposing the arms.

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